'A Real Good Feeling' Coverage

David's new album came out in Europe on Friday, so he's been doing a fair amount of TV appearances to promote the album. This page will update as soon as we find photos and videos of David's promotion tour. If you find any new videos or photos, feel free to comment or tweet us @davidnet! Check Hasselhoff-Foundation for a complete schedule.Upcoming appearances:

  • April 10, 2011: "Voll auf die Nüsse"at 03:00 from skycomedyGERMANY

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David Hasselhoff at the Carmen Nebel Show on 02.04.2011 ZDFPunkt 6 on March 31, 2011"Leute Heute" (People Today) April 2, 2011Thanks to Nadja EigendorfDavid Hasselhoff in der Wiener U-Bahn April 2, 2011Thanks to Natalie MarshallThe Hoff im Talk - TV Total, April 4, 2011ZDF, April 4, 2011Thanks to "TheHickland"Watch on YouTubeBild.de, April 6, 2011Hamburg Morning Show with David Hasselhoff, April 8, 2011 Part 1Hamburg Morning Show with David Hasselhoff, Part 2Interview with WUNDERWEIB.de - April 8, 2011Interview.. April 9, 2011 - Not sure where it's from, if you know, please let us know!Photo Gallery of David on the Carmen Nebel Show - April 2, 2011