Meeting the Hoff

Jacaranda FM contacted Reynard Botha and asked him to bring his KITT replica to Monte Casino as a surprise to David. Here is his story:

Last week was very busy for me as I was trying to get my car and myself ready to meet the Hoff.  Yes the real Michael Knight. err David Hasselhoff.JacarandFM contacted me and asked my if I can bring KITT to Monte Casino as a surprise to David while visiting SA to sing a Duet with Patricia Lewis an old friend and ex-girl friend to David.  The schedule was jumped by a few months in order for the song to be completed before Patricia is to be operated for tumors on the thyroid, and operation that might render the blond super voice of South Africa quite forever.  Well I certainly hope not, I wish Patricia all of the best for the operation.Well back to the Hoff.  What a nice guy, looking back on track with his life and a pleasant celeb to meet.  He chatted with me about my car and told e about his own.  He played out a little scene with my KITT in the car and signed my car and my owners manual that I wrote for the car.  He posed for some pictures with me and also did a host of other interviews for the event, he then sang a song on stage and also did a round of signatures for the crowds.

He posted a ton of pictures of his time with the Hoff and shows off his awesome KITT replica.See the rest of the photos here.The Hoff with Reynard Boffa