David Hasselhoff Show Trailer

David Hasselhoff's Finnish TV show has a new trailer! Check it out. The show premieres April 2 on Sub.

David Hasselhoff Show alkaa torstaina 2.4. Subilla!Supertähti David Hasselhoff isännöi kevään hauskinta talk show'ta Subilla. Hasselhoff saa vieraakseen Suomen kiinnostavimmat vieraat ja tutustuu samalla suomalaisiin tapoihin. Ruotsissa menestystä niittänyt talk show oli suuri puheenaihe kotimaassaan ja puheenaiheita on varmasti luvassa myös Suomessa!David Hasselhoff The show starts on Thursday 2.4. Sub!Superstar David Hasselhoff will host the Spring funniest talk the show Sub. Hasselhoff gets a visit from the Finnish interesting guests and at the same time learn about Finnish customs. Sweden success reaped the talk show was a big topic of discussion in their home country and topics is certainly the permit in Finland!

David Hasselhoff in Finland for new talk show airing in April

David and his girlfriend Hayley Roberts are filming his upcoming talk show — called The David Hasselhoff Show, naturally — which is set to air in Finland in April. The show will air on Sub Channel. They are looking for fans to join in on the fun, so be sure to register to see the show live!Keep an eye on for more articles, photos and videos. There are a few videos there now to watch.Press conference is here. You must have Microsoft Silverlight installed to see the video.Another article from is here.Daily Mail has a few articles:

Fantastic traditional Lappish meal!— David Hasselhoff (@DavidHasselhoff) January 17, 2015

Lapland watch...all clear.— David Hasselhoff (@DavidHasselhoff) January 17, 2015

First selfie from Lapland with a reindeer! RitariÄssä!— David Hasselhoff (@DavidHasselhoff) January 18, 2015

Finland...freezing?? Not for the Hoff.— David Hasselhoff (@DavidHasselhoff) January 20, 2015

Helsinki watch...all clear.— David Hasselhoff (@DavidHasselhoff) January 24, 2015

Loving my @FatCloth ! Check these guys out!— David Hasselhoff (@DavidHasselhoff) January 24, 2015

Buy This! Show to Have David Hasselhoff Cameo

FremantleMedia logoA new show from FremantleMedia in London is in the works to combine original comedy with the world of professional advertising with brands involved in the story line. The sitcom is about a fictional ad agency that works on briefs from real-life clients. Brands are going to be integrated into the plot that will enable them to communicate with audiences. Each episode of Buy This! straddles the line between fact and fiction. The series itself depicts the everyday work-life of a set of individuals from a fictitious Helsinki based ad agency who are striving to make the best commercials money can buy. Buy This! highlights the clichés of advertising and uses comedy as a medium to feature participating brand’s key messaging in a new light.Juha-Matti Raunio, the VP said, "The common myth is that incorporating brands into a scripted show in a natural way can be hard or almost impossible. From day one, we focused on the things we could create together with brands. We wanted to establish a platform where brands could have an active role in the story instead of being just a logo on a wall. And on top of that, they brought actors, celebrity cameos such as David Hasselhoff and of course the brand itself to the table—resources that can be only achieved through co-operation. I think everybody wins; the storytellers, the participating brands and most importantly the audience."Rasmus Bange, the senior brand manager at Fazer, said, “Well my first feeling was: nice! And the fact that it’s great that there is something new. Although it seemed a bit scary at first—to put our brand into the hands of screenwriters, the advertising agency and the TV channel—there was something telling me that this could become a good thing. The best thing is that it combines entertainment and marketing communications into one interesting package.”FremantleMedia plans on unveiling the series at MIPCOM October 5-8, 2015 in France.

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David Hasselhoff to Guest on Adult Swim's Newsreaders

NewsreadersAdult Swim - a block of programming on Cartoon Network - plans to start the second season of Newsreaders on October 23 at Midnight. The comedy show pokes fun at the magazine genre.The new season will welcome Scott Adsit (30 Rock), Malin Akerman (Rock of Ages), Billy Ray Cyrus (Hannah Montana), Jenna Fischer (The Office), Rob Huebel (Childrens Hospital), Tom Lennon (Night at the Musuem), Randall Park (the Five-Year Engagement), Danny Pudi (Community), Rob Riggle (21 Jump Street), Martin Starr (Freaks and Geeks), James Urbaniak (American Splendor) and David Hasselhoff (Baywatch).No word on when David Hasselhoff will appear on the show yet.

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Dirk Nowitzki Sings "Looking for Freedom" On German Talk Show

Way back in the 2006 NBA Finals, Dirk Nowitzki admitted that he hummed a David Hasselhoff song at the foul line to take the pressure off. The song in question? Looking For Freedom.

Dirk was on German TV on a talk show called My Spass. At about 1:45 as Dirk and the host both sing Looking For Freedom.

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ITV's Mr. & Mrs. Returns with David Hasselhoff

Mr & Mrs

All Star Mr. & Mrs. is a show on ITV in the UK returning for its sixth season later this year. Celebrities compete to win £30,000 for their favorite charity.  The show not only sees host Phil question celebrities about their relationships, but also gives an insight into their home life as All Star Mr & Mrs takes a trip around the couple’s homes. Celebrity couples are asked a series of questions about each other, with the audience getting some insight into the celebrities' personal lives. The first two rounds they answer some questions, then in the final round the winning couple take home the jackpot for their chosen charity. The remaining couples take 5,000 for their charity. All couples get the "Mr and Mrs" carriage clock.Some of the celebrities taking part this series are actor and comedian Johnny Vegas, singer and ex Westlife member Brian McFadden, McFly’s Danny Jones, singer and actor David Hasselhoff, golfer Tony Jacklin, television presenter Vanessa Feltz, actor Nigel Havers, Coronation Street’s Debbie Rush, television presenter Matthew Wright, Emmerdale’s Liam Fox and former England rugby player Ben Cohen.The show premieres later this year on ITV.Taping begins March 15 and is scheduled through March 18. No word on which episode David Hasselhoff will be apart of. The taping takes place at Fountain Studios, Wembley. If you would like to get tickets, visit Space is filling up fast, so if you're in the UK sign up soon.

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Coen and Sander Show Welcomes David Hasselhoff

 Coen and Sanders Show The Coen and Sander show in the Netherlands welcomes David Hasselhoff today after his appearance at the Acceleration 2014 press conference. The show is from 16:00 to BNN 3FM!

Hopefully there will be a video or audio track from the show for the rest of us to watch. We'll keep you posted.

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David Hasselhoff to Appear on Lifetime's Celebrity Home Raiders

Lifetime logo Lifetime is premiering a new unscripted show called "Celebrity Home Raiders" that begins March 6 at 10pm EST.Press Release:




Open Up Their Homes To Auction Off Their Valuables for Charity

LOS ANGELES, CA (January 23, 2014) -- Celebrities welcome viewers into their homes for a trip down memory lane and an exclusive look into their lives and prized possessions in Lifetime’s all-new unscripted series Celebrity Home Raiders.  The series premieres Thursday, March 6, 2014, at 10pm ET/PT.In each half-hour episode of Celebrity Home Raiders, host Kit Hoover (Access Hollywood Live) and renowned auctioneers Darren Julien and Martin Nolan from Julien’s Auctions, reminisce with celebrities as they search through their belongings for beloved treasures to be auctioned off, with proceeds benefiting a charity of each celebrity’s choice.  The stars invite Kit, Darren and Martin into their homes to discuss the history and sentiment of their personal memorabilia while haggling over each item’s value.  Potential items up for auction include David Hasselhoff’s replica of KITT from Knight Rider, an Axe guitar owned and used by Gene Simmons from KISS, and many other highly coveted items.  Will the objects’ final price meet the celebrities’ expectation and – more importantly – will they reach their charitable donation goals?The featured celebrities and their charities are:

  • David Cassidy benefiting Alzheimer’s Association of America
  • David Hasselhoff benefiting Starlight Foundation

Photo Courtesy Jennifer Catano 

  • Debbie Gibson benefiting Children International
  • Fran Drescher benefiting Cancer Schmancer
  • Ice T & Coco benefiting The Long Island Bulldog Rescue Group
  • Lance Bass benefiting The Trevor Project
  • Rick Harrison benefiting Voice Health Institute
  • Simmons Family benefiting Sophie’s Place Center for Abused Children

Celebrity Home Raiders is produced for Lifetime by DiGaVision (Teen Wolf) and Leftfield Pictures (Pawn Stars).  Executive Producers are Liz Gateley and Tony DiSanto for DiGa Vision, Brent Montgomery, David George and Matthew J. Braley for Leftfield Pictures, Mary Donahue and Paul Hardy for Lifetime, and Lance Bass, who also is a creator of the project. Augi Jakovac serves as co-executive producer. Eight, half hour-long episodes have been ordered.

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Video: David Hasselhoff Visits Fredrik Skavlan, Talk Show Premiere Date

Baywatch star David Hasselhoff visits Fredrik Skavlan and talking about Swedes absence of emotion, what he does when he is not working and to get over their fears.


Swedish Talk ShowDavid is in Sweden filming his Swedish talk show until the 23rd. The show will have a band and will also premiere February 24!The Local talks more of what the show will be like:David I-stood-on-the-crumbling-Berlin-wall Hasselhoff is in Sweden to make what he calls a "talk entertainment show".Filming started on Friday and is set to run for two weeks, in the lead up to a television programme that will air on February 24th on TV3. But why did Hasselhoff choose Sweden and not Germany? Or Norway? Or Australia?"I know what he'd say... he'd say why not?" Max Lagerbäck, head of press at MTG TV, told The Local."He loves Sweden, and his big goal is to make a variety show like Dean Martin's. He wants it all, everything. And with his tempo and energy, I think he can fit it all in. I don't think he has blood in his veins, it's more like red bull."Indeed, the 61-year-old has been busy already in the Swedish capital, traipsing across town to pose for pictures and meet the press. He appears to have gone crazy for Sweden, telling the Aftonbladet tabloid that he even wants to make a film while he's here.The Knightrider star promised a colourful show featuring ladies, pranks, laughs, undercover vignettes, makeovers, and even a "beat The Hoff" section where he challenges Swedes to contests.But Hasselhoff is more than prepared to lose, with the US star's self-deprecating humour set to be a feature of the show. In fact, the Baywatch star plans to make light of his ignorance by interviewing Swedish celebrities he's never heard of before and quite simply asking them why they're famous."Sweden to me is indigenous to a massive entertainment culture from filmmakers to sports guys and even to the beauty of glassblowing. So we're going to get into everything about Sweden and Swedish culture," he told the Expressen newspaper. 

Video: David Hasselhoff in Sweden

First look: The set of David Hasselhoff's Swedish talk show! Thanks to Christoffer Stålhandske.Video and article below.Swedish Talk ShowRead the original article in swedish here from Noje.Translated into english via Google Translate.

Hasselhoff: "He awoke from the coma"

HASSELHOFF ON ...... to colleague Pamela Anderson married Rick Salomon: "Who is it?, I do not follow her love life., I see her only at the Playboy Mansion sometimes. But it was always interesting to see who she would show up with on the set of" Baywatch. " I like her.... signing autographs: "I have always stayed and set up everything. But it goes no further, I'm not so young and I feel like people respect that., I realized that most are selling autographs anyway. A little boy got 1200 dollars for a signed guitar, I'll find the bastard and run him over with putty.... to be known "for real": "Old school like me, it means that you deserve it, have worked themselves into it and lived through hell, Dalarna and exploitation of privacy and then continue to have a good relationship with industry and mutual respect with their daughters. So it is for us, we are Hasselhoffs. "HASSELHOFF'S CAREER - FROM TV SOAP TO CULT FIGUREWas in the soap opera "The young and the Restless" from 1975 to 1982. While he sneaked in once a singing career in children's entertainment.1982-1986 became Hasselhoff a star by "Knight Rider"In the late 80's became Hasselhoff big in Germany, and small in the United States. Among other things took the song "Looking for freedom" in the charts in Germany.1989 was broadcast 'Baywatch' first season, and was subsequently settled. David realized the greatness, and took it back and made the program into a global success."The Hoff" as he is called, has become a cult figure through the years. He has been on Broadway, played himself to the movies, traveling around the world for various performances and been talent judges in both the U.S. and UK.David Hasselhoff has landed in Sweden - with love Hayley at his side prepares himself for grilling Swedish celebrities in their own talk show on TV3.For Expressen he talks about how he brought a boy out of a coma, dependent personality and extreme water consumption that keeps him slim.- It happened to me so very strange. I brought a boy out of a coma by saying "hey it's Knight Rider," said Hasselhoff.David Hasselhoff, 61, bleeds a little nosebleed when he receives on the hotel Diplomat in Stockholm. He has been on stage in London for six weeks, and now landed on to launch their own talk show on TV3.- When the comedian came to me, Filippe? What was his name?Filip Hammar., He was quiet, by-slappnad and said: "I'm a producer, I am known." I said, "Come to my house, we hang and see if we get each other to laugh."He was so nice so I was turned on to the idea, he says of the talk show "Hasselhoff - a Swedish talk show".

"I'm not backing down from such"

Will you be nervous?- I'm a little nervous about how far I can go with the guests. I have worked with Howard Stern, so turns me on. I'm not backing down from that. I think the Swedes would like me to go over the limit, everybody wants to the right question to be asked. I will ask why they are known - but also why they deserve to be known. What do they do for the world anyway?says Hasselhoff as packed nine bags of "Baywatch" apparel, "Knight Rider" outfits and assorted paraphernalia to appear with different styles of music in the program.He himself has done a lot for the world, in addition to said series.- It happened to me so very strange, fantastic. With sick people, and psychological events when I was in the right place at the right time. A father asked me to help him with his son who was in a coma. It worked, he woke up. I brought a boy out of a coma by saying "hey it's Knight Rider." I work with autistic children, and they talk to me like KITT (the car in "Knight Rider").

Served million

He has lived through the Hollywood rollercoaster.Reportedly, he will have earned $ 100 million on "Baywatch" through the years, while he has had addiction problems and caught packed movies of her daughter.- I tell my daughters to do what you want, but there are consequences. Smoke what you like, drink what you want, I've done it myself and do not say no. But there will be consequences. When you realize that life is not fair and that those who are closest to you will betray you, you can not take it personally. They choose to drink to feel better. You might forget to drinking for myc Ket, but the next day it's harder work, he says, and says that "The Hoff" as the family called all depends on personalities.- Has Hasselhoff gene are dependent. Of everything.

Pulled into the stomach

That he pulled into the stomach during the whole recording-one of "Baywatch" he has himself found, he says.- We joked about it, inspelningssexpacket. We had to be narrow, and people always say today that I am so thin. "You're so fat", I'd say. But that's not possible.How do you stay in shape?- I'm a scary lot of water. That's the key. Eight bottles a day, I've done it for 20 years. And I exercise, weights, yoga and fitness.

"You have to enjoy"

Are you happy?- One day at a time. Now it is Sweden, then Holland and Abu Dhabi. When I caught Hayley she did not like to fly.Now she has been around the world three times, says Hoff and talks about his love, Hayley Roberts, 32, in response to the snow in Stockholm:- I could not fall asleep at night, wondering where I was when I woke up. When watching Hayley out the window and say, "Wow snow". I've seen snow before, but appreciate it even then. You have to enjoy. It is part of the great thing about having a young girl from Wales.

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David Hasselhoff to Host Swedish Talk Show, Tickets Available Now

David's Swedish Talk Show

He is behind the world's most successful TV series. He has been a sex symbol for over 30 years. He is one of the world's most famous people. Now he comes to TV3!Tickets are now available to the recordings and you are welcome! Tickets are free but places are limited. The recordings take place in Stockholm between 15 to 23 January 2014, and lasts for about two hours starting 13:00 and 18:30.Get tickets here!he U.S. has Leno and Letterman. Sweden has Skavlan and ... Hasselhoff.And David Hasselhoff is no Skavlan. He is something else entirely. He is behind the world's most successful TV series. He has been a sex symbol for over 30 years. He is one of the world's most famous people. Now it's time for him to get his own talk show. A self-Swedish talkshow."So, tell me, why are you famous?" Hasselhoff's patented opening question says a lot about the program.The host does not have much relation to Sweden. Or Swedish celebrities. Whether they called Reinfeldt, Persbrandt, Häggkvist or Pärson. But Hasselhoff takes his role as host seriously. He really wants to get to know Sweden, Swedish culture and their Swedish guests. Just this concept is the program's core. Here is an opportunity for other issues, a different form of curiosity, sincerity and humor."Hasselhoff - a Swedish talk show is, in many ways, a classic talk show with famous guests, pre-recorded elements and exclusive artist performances. But still, no classical. Everything is completely different. And everything in Hasselhoffs Swedish talk show is obviously in English.

Source: TV3, HoffArmy


David and Bella Vida seen leaving ITV studios

Today David and his daughters Taylor-Ann and Hayley Hasselhoff was at the ITV studios in London to appear on Lorraine's show.[gallery order="DESC"]

Fiona Phillips talks to the Hoff about his new love, being a judge on Simon Cowell's new ITV prime time series and being the world's most watched TV star. Clip 1
David Hasselhoff's daughters Hayley and Taylor-Ann join him on the sofa to talk about following in their dad's footsteps with a pop career of their own. Clip 2
Don't forget you can download Bella Vida's single Kiss Kiss Me Bang Bang this saturday 20th August from Itunes.

New Radio Interview Confirms November Concerts, Talks About A New Show

David called in to the Mark and Mercedes morning show on Las Vegas' Mix 94.1 Monday morning to talk about his Birthday party, his upcoming concerts, Bella Vida and some new shows he's working on.He confirms he's coming to The Orleans in Las Vegas on November 18-20, and says he's working on a new show called, "An Audience With The Hoff" that he wants to come to Vegas.Take a listen.

The Hasselhoff's Reality Show

The Hasselhoffs spotlights the life of single dad David Hasselhoff and his two daughters Taylor Ann and Hayley.

The series brings viewers inside the household of David Hasselhoff where “The Hoff” is just Dad and examines the challenges he faces as a single parent raising two young adult daughters.Despite juggling his multiple entertainment and business endeavours, he is the ultimate 'stage dad' and will do anything to help guide his daughters’ decisions as they pursue their famous careers.Starts Monday 30 May at 7pm and continues Monday nights at 7pm on the Biography(Bio) channel on sky - 156 and virgin - 242The Biography Channel

Hasselhoff tries to rescue late friend's family

IANS  | Wednesday, 28 May , 2008, 17:22

Former Baywatch star David Hasselhoff performed songs that he and his late business partner Wade Hubbard recorded together in a tribute to raise money to help the bereaved family. reports that Hubbard lost his battle with brain cancer recently.On his website, Hasselhoff wrote: “Wade and I wrote and recorded over 90 songs together and it was an honour to know him and count him as a friend. He was a fantastic guy. If any of you (fans) could make it to the show, it would mean a lot to me, Wade's wife and his six-year-old daughter, as they need all the help they can get after all the huge medical bills.”