Watch: The David Hasselhoff Show: Finland

You can now watch the first four episodes of The David Hasselhoff Show that's currently airing in Finland.Microsoft Silverlight must be installed before you can view the videos.Part 1 has 35 days left as of today, April 26: Timo Soini, Black Barbarian and Maria VeitolanPart 2. Michael Monroe, Anette Olzon and Henri ÁlenPart 3. Linda Lampenius, Jani Toivola and Jussi 69Part 4. Mikael Jungner, Katariina Souri and Sara ChafakWatch MTV for new episodes.

Source: David Hasselhoff Online

David Hasselhoff Show Trailer

David Hasselhoff's Finnish TV show has a new trailer! Check it out. The show premieres April 2 on Sub.

David Hasselhoff Show alkaa torstaina 2.4. Subilla!Supertähti David Hasselhoff isännöi kevään hauskinta talk show'ta Subilla. Hasselhoff saa vieraakseen Suomen kiinnostavimmat vieraat ja tutustuu samalla suomalaisiin tapoihin. Ruotsissa menestystä niittänyt talk show oli suuri puheenaihe kotimaassaan ja puheenaiheita on varmasti luvassa myös Suomessa!David Hasselhoff The show starts on Thursday 2.4. Sub!Superstar David Hasselhoff will host the Spring funniest talk the show Sub. Hasselhoff gets a visit from the Finnish interesting guests and at the same time learn about Finnish customs. Sweden success reaped the talk show was a big topic of discussion in their home country and topics is certainly the permit in Finland!

First Look: The David Hasselhoff Show Opening Night

David Hasselhoff just wrapped up filming the first episode of his Finnish TV show, "The David Hasselhoff Show" and tweeted some photos.

David Hasselhoff in Finland for new talk show airing in April

David and his girlfriend Hayley Roberts are filming his upcoming talk show — called The David Hasselhoff Show, naturally — which is set to air in Finland in April. The show will air on Sub Channel. They are looking for fans to join in on the fun, so be sure to register to see the show live!Keep an eye on for more articles, photos and videos. There are a few videos there now to watch.Press conference is here. You must have Microsoft Silverlight installed to see the video.Another article from is here.Daily Mail has a few articles:

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