Video: David Hasselhoff in Sweden

First look: The set of David Hasselhoff's Swedish talk show! Thanks to Christoffer Stålhandske.Video and article below.Swedish Talk ShowRead the original article in swedish here from Noje.Translated into english via Google Translate.

Hasselhoff: "He awoke from the coma"

HASSELHOFF ON ...... to colleague Pamela Anderson married Rick Salomon: "Who is it?, I do not follow her love life., I see her only at the Playboy Mansion sometimes. But it was always interesting to see who she would show up with on the set of" Baywatch. " I like her.... signing autographs: "I have always stayed and set up everything. But it goes no further, I'm not so young and I feel like people respect that., I realized that most are selling autographs anyway. A little boy got 1200 dollars for a signed guitar, I'll find the bastard and run him over with putty.... to be known "for real": "Old school like me, it means that you deserve it, have worked themselves into it and lived through hell, Dalarna and exploitation of privacy and then continue to have a good relationship with industry and mutual respect with their daughters. So it is for us, we are Hasselhoffs. "HASSELHOFF'S CAREER - FROM TV SOAP TO CULT FIGUREWas in the soap opera "The young and the Restless" from 1975 to 1982. While he sneaked in once a singing career in children's entertainment.1982-1986 became Hasselhoff a star by "Knight Rider"In the late 80's became Hasselhoff big in Germany, and small in the United States. Among other things took the song "Looking for freedom" in the charts in Germany.1989 was broadcast 'Baywatch' first season, and was subsequently settled. David realized the greatness, and took it back and made the program into a global success."The Hoff" as he is called, has become a cult figure through the years. He has been on Broadway, played himself to the movies, traveling around the world for various performances and been talent judges in both the U.S. and UK.David Hasselhoff has landed in Sweden - with love Hayley at his side prepares himself for grilling Swedish celebrities in their own talk show on TV3.For Expressen he talks about how he brought a boy out of a coma, dependent personality and extreme water consumption that keeps him slim.- It happened to me so very strange. I brought a boy out of a coma by saying "hey it's Knight Rider," said Hasselhoff.David Hasselhoff, 61, bleeds a little nosebleed when he receives on the hotel Diplomat in Stockholm. He has been on stage in London for six weeks, and now landed on to launch their own talk show on TV3.- When the comedian came to me, Filippe? What was his name?Filip Hammar., He was quiet, by-slappnad and said: "I'm a producer, I am known." I said, "Come to my house, we hang and see if we get each other to laugh."He was so nice so I was turned on to the idea, he says of the talk show "Hasselhoff - a Swedish talk show".

"I'm not backing down from such"

Will you be nervous?- I'm a little nervous about how far I can go with the guests. I have worked with Howard Stern, so turns me on. I'm not backing down from that. I think the Swedes would like me to go over the limit, everybody wants to the right question to be asked. I will ask why they are known - but also why they deserve to be known. What do they do for the world anyway?says Hasselhoff as packed nine bags of "Baywatch" apparel, "Knight Rider" outfits and assorted paraphernalia to appear with different styles of music in the program.He himself has done a lot for the world, in addition to said series.- It happened to me so very strange, fantastic. With sick people, and psychological events when I was in the right place at the right time. A father asked me to help him with his son who was in a coma. It worked, he woke up. I brought a boy out of a coma by saying "hey it's Knight Rider." I work with autistic children, and they talk to me like KITT (the car in "Knight Rider").

Served million

He has lived through the Hollywood rollercoaster.Reportedly, he will have earned $ 100 million on "Baywatch" through the years, while he has had addiction problems and caught packed movies of her daughter.- I tell my daughters to do what you want, but there are consequences. Smoke what you like, drink what you want, I've done it myself and do not say no. But there will be consequences. When you realize that life is not fair and that those who are closest to you will betray you, you can not take it personally. They choose to drink to feel better. You might forget to drinking for myc Ket, but the next day it's harder work, he says, and says that "The Hoff" as the family called all depends on personalities.- Has Hasselhoff gene are dependent. Of everything.

Pulled into the stomach

That he pulled into the stomach during the whole recording-one of "Baywatch" he has himself found, he says.- We joked about it, inspelningssexpacket. We had to be narrow, and people always say today that I am so thin. "You're so fat", I'd say. But that's not possible.How do you stay in shape?- I'm a scary lot of water. That's the key. Eight bottles a day, I've done it for 20 years. And I exercise, weights, yoga and fitness.

"You have to enjoy"

Are you happy?- One day at a time. Now it is Sweden, then Holland and Abu Dhabi. When I caught Hayley she did not like to fly.Now she has been around the world three times, says Hoff and talks about his love, Hayley Roberts, 32, in response to the snow in Stockholm:- I could not fall asleep at night, wondering where I was when I woke up. When watching Hayley out the window and say, "Wow snow". I've seen snow before, but appreciate it even then. You have to enjoy. It is part of the great thing about having a young girl from Wales.

Source: HoffArmy