Mr. and Mrs. with David Hasselhoff and Hayley Roberts Airs in June

Mr. and Mrs.As we told you in February, David Hasselhoff and Hayley Roberts participated in the UK game show "Mr. and Mrs." We now know this episode will air June 11 on ITV. They will try to win up to £30,000 for charity.Celebrity couples are asked a series of questions about each other, with the audience getting some insight into the celebrities' personal lives. The first two rounds they answer some questions, then in the final round the winning couple take home the jackpot for their chosen charity. The remaining couples take 5,000 for their charity.Check out more photos here at Wales Online.

Mr. and Mrs.

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OK! TV - with David and Bella Vida

http://youtu.be/khN73Ct61hcToday David and his daughters Taylor-Ann and Hayley was on OK! TV in the UK. The three off them had a chat with Jeff about there music and about Pamela in the Celebrity Big Brother House. Bella Vida performed there single 'Kiss Kiss Me Bang Bang' aswell.http://youtu.be/8u-9WukcZUY

David and Bella Vida seen leaving ITV studios

Today David and his daughters Taylor-Ann and Hayley Hasselhoff was at the ITV studios in London to appear on Lorraine's show.[gallery order="DESC"]

Fiona Phillips talks to the Hoff about his new love, being a judge on Simon Cowell's new ITV prime time series and being the world's most watched TV star. Clip 1
David Hasselhoff's daughters Hayley and Taylor-Ann join him on the sofa to talk about following in their dad's footsteps with a pop career of their own. Clip 2
Don't forget you can download Bella Vida's single Kiss Kiss Me Bang Bang this saturday 20th August from Itunes.

Hello! Magazine David and Hayley Interview

In the new issue of Hello! Magazine, Hayley talks about how her relationship is going with David and both tell some cute stories of their first date.

She said, "After he says 'I love you,' he says, 'that just means I really like you.' So I don't know if he means it or not.""He's a super, amazing guy and I could spend all my time with him. He's perfect."And divorced father-of-two David added that he isn't ruling out marriage to his pretty blonde girlfriend.He added, "I'm not writing it off - who knows?"Britain's Got Talent judge David has been dating Welsh Hayley since meeting her during the audition stage of the talent show.But their first date didn't go quite to plan, as David said he tried to woo Hayley with a romantic break in Switzerland but she ended up preferring things slightly more simple.The actor told Hello! that he had persuaded an 'incredible restaurant' to stay open for them, but Hayley admitted she preferred to nip for a burger.He said, "She looked at the menu and said, 'There's nothing on here I can eat.' I had to drive her to McDonald's on the way back to the hotel!"Speaking about their Swiss break, Hasselhoff said, "I was a gentleman that first night. I said she could have her own bed. Then we went to a health resort.""I thought, 'Let's enjoy health and each other.' I quickly found out we have the same values, even though we're from very different worlds."

Hayley Hasselhoff on This Morning

Hayley chat's about The Hasselhoffs show and plus-size modelling

Hayley is the talented daughter of the most watched TV star in the world - David Hasselhoff.After growing up on the set of Baywatch she followed in her father's footsteps, and at 14 she signed with the Ford modelling agency as a plus-size teen model.She then became the celebrity spokes-model for the popular teen clothing line Torrid, and last year starred in the US drama, Huge.Hayley joins us to chat about her new show The Hasselhoffs, being a plus-size model, and working on an album with her sister Taylor-Ann - as well as all things Hoff!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHZpCSmLQ1oAfter the interview Hayley did a online chat with the viewer's picture below.The Hasselhoffs – Bio Monday 30 May 7pm 

'The Hasselhoffs' Unaired Show Clips & Video Logs


A&E has some episode clips up through episode 6 of the show. We're unlikely to see the full episodes, so here are a few snippets from some of the unaired episodes. David also discusses some episodes in the video logs.Unaired episode clips:• Ep. 3 Crisis ManagementDavid decides his career needs a boost, so he sets out to find a new manager.  When David's daughters decide they also need a manager to help launch their career, David calls in a favor, only to find the girls are unrehearsed and out of practice.• Ep. 4 A Daytime DramaDavid thinks he'll have an easy go of it as a guest star on his old soap opera, The Young and the Restless, but he finds that times have changed and it's a greater challenge than he could have imagined. When David tries to do a nice thing for Taylor by getting her a small role on the show, he has to deal with Hayley's jealousy.• Ep. 5 Family BusinessDavid threatens to walk off the set when he learns a commercial he's booked has him cast as a villain. David also finds his hands full with his daughters when Taylor wants to record a new song, but Hayley can't find the time.• Ep. 6 The HoffatherDavid enjoys a supreme honor, when Pink's Hot Dogs adds a David Hasselhoff hot dog to the menu. But the naming ceremony almost turns into a disaster, when Taylor makes the mistake of booking the event on the same day as a Knight Rider convention in Vegas. With a charity tied into the event, David must pull off the impossible to save Taylor from disgrace.Video logs:• A Daytime Drama•  Crisis Management• Hoff the Record• AddictionClips: • What Would Justin Do?• Joel Takes a Shot in the Arm• Hayley Takes on Perez Hilton• Hayley's Bucket List• Big Target• The Hoffather (Part II)• Nothing to Wear!

Hasselhoffs Hit Back At Tabloids With U.S. Reality Show

As we all know, David and his daughters have been filming their reality show for A&E, which is set to premiere sometime in the Fall. In this article, Hayley says she hopes to show how the family really is and put all the tabloid rumors to rest. I hope they do, the previous UK shows were really great in showing the personal side of the family.

From ContactMusic

 DAVID HASSELHOFF and his teenage daughters are planning to air out their family dramas in a U.S. version of their candid U.K. reality show - in a bid to put ongoing tabloid rumours to rest.The Baywatch star and his two actress daughters, 17-year-old Hayley and 20-year-old Taylor Ann, are working on a deal to bring their 2009 show, Meet the Hasselhoffs, Stateside.Hayley admits the series could shock audiences with behind-the-scenes insights into her dad's highly-publicised battle with alcoholism and his split from the girls' mother, actress Pamela Bach.But she also hopes it will help critics see a different side to the Hasselhoff family.She says, "I think the biggest thing of why we're doing it is to prove the tabloids wrong. The greatest thing about our family is that we don't care. We don't care if anybody talks bad about us. We laugh it off. We stay true to ourselves. We know what's happening at home. We don't need to tell the public - we don't need to explain it to the public..."I think the show's really going to represent how we're all best friends and how we tell each other everything."

Taylor and Hayley Rock...

From the Hoffblog

David posted a clip of his daughters singing from the show When Scott Came to Stay. They really have great voices!

I just want to share with you this amazing clip of my daughters doing their song on The Hoff: When Scott Came To Stay. Sorry.. Just a very proud Dad!!

Find more videos like this on HoffSpace

The Hoff Shows Off His Daughters

From The Press Association

David Hasselhoff and his daughters Hayley Amber and Taylor Ann star in a new showDavid Hasselhoff introduced his daughters to English high society at London's Somerset House.The Baywatch star attended the wedding reception themed party to launch Living TV's summer schedule with Taylor Ann, 19 and Hayley Amber, 16, on either arm.The Hoff, 56, is set to return to the channel for a set of all-new specials, in September showing him and his daughters experiencing English country life, trying everything from Morris dancing and rowing to polo.

Nicola McClean was also at the party, themed around new series Four Weddings. The programme begins on July 6 and sees brides judging each other's nuptials in a bid to win a luxury honeymoon.Nicola is to feature in a special celebrity finale episode, which will see her marriage to footballer Tommy Williams pitched against Terry Coldwell from East 17 and Faye Saterlay, US actress Sandra Dickinson and Mark Osmond; and the renewal of vows of TV presenter Phil Turner and make-up artist Gary Cockerill.The new line-up will also see Jungle king Joe Swash get the chance to live out his teenage fantasy by spending a week with pin-up Pamela Anderson.The pair spend a week together travelling the globe.At Home with Joe And Pamela Anderson will air in September.Death In Venice, to be transmitted in October, will see Yvette Fielding and Paul O'Grady team up to face "possibly the most haunted location on the planet" -the Italian island Poveglia.

David Hasselhoff Supports Teen Philanthropy

LookToTheStars.org was at the Children's Hospital and asked David and Hayley Hasselhoff how teens can make a difference.

David Hasselhoff and the teens behind "The Bash" talk to LookToTheStars.org's Michelle Vink about how teens can make a difference. Hasselhoff's 16-year-old daughter, Hayley, is on the board of Teens Helping Teens - a group of teenage girls who have been involved at the Children's Hospital, Los Angeles for a while and Hasselhoff himself went with them on Easter Sunday to visit some of the kids.