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The Hasselhoffs Attend the Bellus Magazine Launch Party

On March 26 Bellus Magazine - which celebrates artists in music, fashion, film, beauty and pop culture - held an exclusive party at a West Hollywood's Blind Dragon to celebrate it's big launch. David Hasselhoff was there alongside his daughter Taylor Ann Hasselhoff. She will be joining the cast of E!'s "Rich Kids of Beverly Hills" reality show. She also did a special performance for the audience during the party.

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David Hasselhoff talks Starlight Foundation on Inside Bellus

Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff and Joshua Shultz are hosting a new show called "Inside Bellus" for Bellus magazine, and episode one we join David Hasselhoff at Julien's Auctions in Beverly Hills. He was auctioning his stuff for the Starlight Foundation, and even surprises the TMZ tour bus.

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OK! TV - with David and Bella Vida

http://youtu.be/khN73Ct61hcToday David and his daughters Taylor-Ann and Hayley was on OK! TV in the UK. The three off them had a chat with Jeff about there music and about Pamela in the Celebrity Big Brother House. Bella Vida performed there single 'Kiss Kiss Me Bang Bang' aswell.http://youtu.be/8u-9WukcZUY

Interview with Taylor Ann on Her Recent Projects

From Daytime Confidential
By Jamey Giddens

 She isn't a nurse, but she played one of TV. On the Wed., June 16 episode of The Young and the Restless, a returning hero was desperate to use his medical prowess to save the life of his dying mother, amid shocking family secrets. When his physician's assistant almost gave his mother the wrong medicine, Dr. Snapper Foster (superstarDavid Hasselhoff, reprising the role that made him a household name) understandably went ballistic, yelling at the nurse until she burst into tears.This could have been any number of scenarios playing out on any of daytime's seven sudsers, save for the fact that the incompetent nurse in question was portrayed by one Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff—David's daughter. I caught up with the beautiful, young starlet to get the dish on what it was like appearing with her Pops in Genoa City. We also chatted about the Hasselhoffs' upcoming, untitled A&E docusoap, which will feature Taylor-Ann and her sister Hayley Hasselhoff (who also stars in the upcoming ABC Family soap, HUGE) pursuing their career aspirations, while dad keeps a watchful eye.Daytime Confidential:You made your soap opera debut today! What was it like working with your dad on The Young and the Restless?Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff: Working on The Young and the Restless with my dad was an absolutely surreal experience! He is my mentor, best friend and inspiration, so being able to act and perform with him allowed me to really get into character. I felt comfortable around him and he brought out my confidence as an actress. He is such a blast to work with!DC: When you were a kid, did he ever talk about his time on the soap?TH: Yes, my dad has talked to me about this soap many times growing up, always telling me the funny stories of him staying up all night learning his lines, because they gave him a script filled with 40 or more pages of dialogue a night! He has some other great stories that really gave me the inspiration and encouragement to follow my dreams.DC: On Y&R, you play a nurse, whom Dr. Snapper Foster, as played by your dad, has to yell at in a scene. Was that a fun scenario to have to act out?TH: Such a fun scenario because it gave us a more challenging scene than I thought we would have together. My dad and I never fight, so being able to do this on camera was really fun! My dad is the funniest guy I know. I kept telling him before the scene, "Dad, now don't go cracking a joke in the middle of the scene." We had such a great time acting this scene out!DC: You will be appearing with your dad, and sister Hayley, in an upcoming A&E docusoap, which focuses on the younger Hasselhoffs pursuing your career dreams, while David lends a hand. Is acting something you want to pursue full-time?TH: Yes, acting has always been a huge passion of mine since I was a little girl, as well as singing. I love to perform, sing and act as its a way to escape reality and go into this dream world where I feel most at home. I will be continuing to act and sing for the rest of my life!DC: What are some of the other career paths we will see the Hasselhoff girls pursue on the upcoming series?TH: Besides the acting, auditions and seeing my sister get the role on the new ABC family series HUGE, A&E follows our journey to becoming a sister band together. You will see our ups and downs, disappointments and accomplishments as we work hard together to try to make it in the business.DC: Would you ever do a soap for a lengthy stint?TH: Yes, I would love to do a soap for a lengthy stint! Soaps are so much fun and everyone who works on them are just great people to work with and be around all day long! Soaps are also great training and the hardest to do in the business.For more information on the Hasselhoffs' upcoming A&E docusoap go to A&E's official website. HUGE, starring Hayley Hasselhoff, premieres June 28 on ABC Family. For more information on HUGE go here.

Snapper Returns to Y&R: Episode 2

Snapper is in Genoa City to help his mother who is in the hospital. The stress of keeping family secrets and not knowing what is causing his mother's symptoms takes it's toll on him, and he ends up taking his frustrations out on a nurse. (Taylor Ann).Find more videos like this on HoffSpace
Find more videos like this on HoffSpace

Find more videos like this on HoffSpace

Find more videos like this on HoffSpace