New Justin Bieber Music Video Filming with David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff and Justin Bieber Film Music Video

Earlier this week David Hasselhoff and Justin Bieber joined together for a new music video in Venice, California. According to U.K.'s Mirror, David Hasselhoff was invited to guest “because Justin is a huge fan of The Hoff, he thinks he’s a legend.”"We had a lot of fun, and he's a cool guy," Hasselhoff, 62, tells PEOPLE of working with Justin Bieber, 20, on the polarizing young star's latest video shoot. "You'll hear more about it, but we're just keeping it quiet because it's really a cool video, and we had a blast," Hasselhoff said Sunday at Tony Hawk's 11th Annual Stand Up for Skateparks Benefit in Beverly Hills.Look for the video coming out in a few weeks.Check out more photos and a video from the filming at the Mail Online!

David Hasselhoff and Justin Bieber Film Music Video


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Guy Love For David Hasselhoff and Scott Mills

Britain's got talent judge David Hasselhoff put his own singing skills to the test when he got on stage with DJ Scott Mills at the Edinburgh Fringe.

The Baywatch and Knight Rider star was a guest host at Radio 1's Fun and Filth Cabaret at the BBC Bubble on Potterrow.The finale of the live show was a duet between Mills and The Hoff of "Guy Love" from the comedy series Scrubs.Hasselhoff's daughters Hayley, 18, and Taylor-Ann, 21 also performed at the show as double act Bella Vida.Read what David had to say at Hoffspace.

Source: BBC / Hoffspace

Media Frenzy Down Under

There have been tons of videos surfacing lately of David's visits to New Zealand and Australia. Here are a few videos from his visit to New Zealand today and when he was in Australia earlier this week.Video links:

Check out a few more videos below the cut.

David Hasselhoff Flash Mob

Thanks to Knight Rider Online for the iReport link

An anonymous iReport video was sent in of video of the David Hasselhoff Flash Mob in San Diego today! Also, a new video of the flash mob below. Warning: third video has some strong language in the beginning.Check out this photo album on Facebook of behind the scenes of the Hoff's Flash Mob!Warning: Strong language.

David Hasselhoff: Musikantenstadl

David was on Musikantenstadl today in Salzburg, Austria. He sang a number of songs, including "This Time Around" and "Looking for Freedom." The hills are alive with the sound of many videos from the event!Check out all the other Musikantenstadl videos below!The Hoff News Crew posted this first video, David singing, "This Time Around."Find more videos like this on HoffSpace

Behind the Scenes at AGT

From Hoffspace

David shows us what it's like behind the scenes of America's Got Talent just before the live shows. Also, check out a video of David and Daughtry, who performed on the show last night!Find more videos like this on HoffSpace

From Hoffspace

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The Saturdays

David shares with us some videos of a band called "The Saturdays" whom he met in England and visited with in LA this week.

The Saturdays are this great girl band I met when I was in England and they came to LA this week! It was great to see them again and get to hang out. . .check out the fun videos!

Find more videos like this on HoffSpaceFind more videos like this on HoffSpace

David on Tubridy Tonight

David talked about his time in Dublin and at Tubridy Tonight, and even posted a behind the scenes video of him singing Unchain My Heart.

Had a blast on the show last night. Everyone at the show was great, the audience were super cool and Tubs and I had some great craic... I wish him all the best for his new show and I will hopefully be back in Dublin soon. Just went out for a jog down the canal and looking forward to our next destination - Johannesburg!!!Anyway, i am sure you will be able to catch the show from last night on youTube or something but here is some very special behind the scenes footage of me doing Unchain My Heart for the audience after the show had finished. Enjoy...

Find more videos like this on HoffSpaceHayley from Hoffspace posted the video of David on Tubridy Tonight from Saturday! He also sang Jump in my Car!Find more videos like this on HoffSpaceFind more videos like this on HoffSpace

Wounded Warriors

Find more videos like this on HoffSpace

I think honoring the men and women who serve our country is incredibly important, which is why I got involved with the Wounded Warriors Project. They're a really really great organization and then men and women they help are incredibly grateful. Not only are they grateful; they are gracious and kind and full of life. Every single one of the servicemen and women involved have been badly wounded. Some have lost limbs, some have lost eyes. But they are glad to have served their nation and are glad that the people at Wounded Warriors have given them a voice.The organization's motto is "The Greatest Casualty is Being Forgotten," and through great charities like this, these people never will be.Peace and respect,DH

Read more at his blog.

AGT Houston

David says hi from Houston while taping America's Got Talent!Find more videos like this on HoffSpace

We had a really great time in Houston and this little girl was so adorable!DH

He also added some pretty cute videos.. like, Hoff Ave and this starstruck Starbucks guy was all smiles when David and Taylor went to get some coffee in Arizona.

Hoff the Wall

David has started a new contest! Make your own Looking For Freedom video and submit it. Here is what he wrote:

It gave me a great idea too; lets see all you people out there on HoffSpace make your own Looking for Freedom video! If you've got a wall, let's see you perform in front of it! Or if you have a garden wall, maybe on top (only if it's safe; we don't want any injuries)!Submit them and we'll feature the best ones. Then we'll get some voting going on here and the winners will get some really cool autographed Hoff stuff.Let's see what you've got Hoffspace!DH

Here is the video that started it all:Find more videos like this on HoffSpace

PS22 and Viva La Vida...

hoffblogDavid just got back from Coachella and had this video to share of these amazing kids singing "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay.

"What a great example of how one man can make a difference their teacher is. He has really inspired these kids and they are so talented. Check out their blog at PS22 ...And if they ever want to sing with me, just let me know and I'll be there..."

Complete blog.

David and Kimberly at Coachella

David posted a few videos and wrote about his and Kimberly's experience at the Coachella Festival yesterday. 

"Last weekend, the beautiful Kimberly and I went out to Coachella in Indio, CA. It was hot, but we had an awesome time. We got to see Sir Paul McCartney perform LIVE and it ROCKED! We met a lot of cool people and had some serious fun. It's an absolutely amazing time and everybody should check it out if you get the chance!"

Check out the videos and read more about his day at his blog.