David Hasselhoff to Speak at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

Cannes LionsCannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is from June 15-21 this year, and David is on the list of speakers in entertainment that are slated to speak.On Sunday, June 15, David is slated to speak from 10:00 - 10:45 with Matt Neale and Caroline Dettman in "GOLINHARRIS: RELEVANCE AND THE HOFF."Tickets range from €685 to €4,760 and is held in Cannes, France.- Cannes Lions website- Facebook page- Twitter

Cannes Lions is the world's biggest celebration of creativity in communications. Benchmarking innovation in anything from mobile and billboards to design and branded content, it’s the home of the great ideas changing the ways brands interact with their customers. Our Awards champion the best work from the past year and the Festival’s inspirational learning programme points the way forward.

Cannes Lions

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David Hasselhoff and Hayley Roberts at Coachella

David and Hayley are out enjoying the Coachella Music and Arts Festival this weekend in California. David's twitter has been a buzz with photos from their day on Friday. Check them out.



David Hasselhoff to Judge Red Bull Flugtag Festival

Red Bull Flugtag DayThe first ever National Red Bull Flugtag Day takes place in five cities simultaneously across the United States of America. Washington DC, Miami, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Long Beach all host their own Red Bull Flugtag events on the same day and fight it out for the top honours. Thirty teams will take to the ramps in each of the five cities and do battle in their self-built creations to do battle for their home town.David Hasselhoff is one of the celebrities there to judge the self-built flying contraptions in Long Beach tomorrow starting at 10am and lasting all day. The first launch will be at Noon. Other celebrities joining David are Kevin Ryder of KROQ's Kevin & Bean Morning show, world-record cycle-jumper Robbie Maddison, the guys from Comedy Central's "Workaholics", Mexican music show host Yarel Ramos and radio/TV host Carson Daly.Press Telegram News says Flugtag is a mammoth party, with 28 teams launching their homemade contraptions from a 30-foot-tall ramp at the foot of the Pine Avenue Pier in an effort to grab some serious air and some serious distance. It’s a combination of aeronautics and sheer buffoonery, with hardly any aeronautics.The combined knowledge and experience of flight, from the first attempts at paleo-gliding by cavemen jumping out of trees to NASA’s Apollo program, will all be brought to bear Saturday afternoon in Long Beach when several teams of aeronuts attempt to take to the skies with their human-powered flying machines shaped like pyramids and pizzas.They will all fail. Every one. And it’s exactly that kind of spectacular failure that will bring an expected crowd of more than 100,000 people to Long Beach on Saturday afternoon to watch the return of Red Bull’s Flugtag event at Rainbow Harbor.Date: September 21Hangars open at 10amFirst launch is at NoonEvent is free and open to the publicFor more information, check out Red Bull's official website on Flugtag Festival Long Beach.

Source: Red Bull, Press Telegram News


Knight Rider Festival IV

Finally finished putting up all the photos and videos from the Knight Rider Festival last weekend. Check out the photos here and the videos over on YouTube. I talked to Peter Parros (RCIII), John Schneider from Dukes of Hazard, Jack Gill,  driver of KITT and Stunt Coordinator and Bob Bralver, Stunt Coordinator and Director of Knight Rider.

Knight Rider Festival IV: 30th Anniversary in Las Vegas May 18-19

This weekend is the 4th annual Knight Rider Festival in Las Vegas! As we do each year, I will be posting photos while there. Be sure to watch our twitter feed @davidnet for photos, check out our Facebook page, and this page for updates during the festival.If you want to chat with other Knight Rider fans and see live video from the event, check out Knight Rider Online's live page here.Additional information can be found at the Knight Rider Festival official website, like celebrity appearances and schedule of events.We'll post all the photos and videos from the event in the coming week.

David Hasselhoff at Coachella Festival

Coachella Festival has started, and you can expect David Hasselhoff to appear at the yearly festival.Check out more photos at Getty here.

From: KROQ

The Knightrider himself was spotted checking into the VIP line Friday wearing a military jacket flanked by model-quality women. The party has officially started.

From Daily Mail

He is obviously a big fan of music after becoming a serial hitmaker in Germany. The 59-year-old looked in his element today with girlfriend Hayley Roberts as he sauntered around Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in a T-shirt with a peace symbol emblazoned on the front.

From: The Press Enterprise

Madness wins the fun vote for the day. There's nothing like British ska to make people (and David Hasselhoff) happy.It isn't Coachella without The Hoff and he showed up just before Madness' sunset set at the Outdoor Theatre. The band even gave him a shout out from the stage.The band opened with "One Step Beyond" and played a string of hits including the winner for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival day one singalong winner--"Our House."

From: Lansing State Journal

Actor and Coachella festival regular David Hasselhoff stole the show during Arctic Monkeys’ set and became a Twitter trending topic.

From: KROQ

2012 marks the fifth year David Hasselhoff will have enjoyed the hot summer sun with 80,000 music fans at the Coachella Valley Art & Music Festival.In an interview with CBS Local, Hasselhoff, the festival’s unofficial mascot of 2012, shared his excitement about the fest and his fans.Saturday afternoon, Bill Fold, one of the festival’s producers, surprised Hasselhoff with a gift. Upon arrival The Hoff was given a car to drive around the grounds. This wasn’t just any car. He was handed the keys to KITT, the Trans-Am made famous in the 1982 Knight Rider TV series in which Hasselhoff stared. The Hoff was happy to jump right in and take a few parade laps for eager photographers. “Bill Folds really took care of me.” David continued, “I didn’t know he was such a big Knight Rider fan. He’s been so good to me. We were in the front row for every band. I feel very blessed.”Friday was a busy day for The Hoff as he buzzed from stage to stage catching as many acts as he and British girlfriend, Hayley Roberts could race to. “My first Coachella was five years ago and I haven’t looked back since.”When asked what his favorite acts of the weekend were so far, he excitedly jumped in, “I loved Kaiser Chiefs. They were incredible. Pulp was fantastic. I hung out backstage with Madness. It was so much fun.”“My girlfriend turned me on to techno-pop. We were right up front for David Guetta and Calvin Harris. They took really good care of us.”Hasselhoff commented that he’ll see Dr. Dre and Snoop because “I was told it’s a show not to be missed.” Monday morning he’ll head back to L.A. to hop on a plane bound for New York. “I may be joining a Broadway musical.”“I think I’ll be back in town Wednesday so I can come back out next weekend.” Hasselhoff continued, “The Coachella audience seems to respond to The Hoff."

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Guy Love For David Hasselhoff and Scott Mills

Britain's got talent judge David Hasselhoff put his own singing skills to the test when he got on stage with DJ Scott Mills at the Edinburgh Fringe.

The Baywatch and Knight Rider star was a guest host at Radio 1's Fun and Filth Cabaret at the BBC Bubble on Potterrow.The finale of the live show was a duet between Mills and The Hoff of "Guy Love" from the comedy series Scrubs.Hasselhoff's daughters Hayley, 18, and Taylor-Ann, 21 also performed at the show as double act Bella Vida.Read what David had to say at Hoffspace.

Source: BBC / Hoffspace

David Appears at Coachella Festival

David Hasselhoff loves the Coachella Festival, so he has made annual appearances at the event. This year he has brought his new girlfriend, Hayley Roberts to Indio, California for Coachella.The pair were set to enjoy a first night line-up including Cee Lo Green, Kings Of Leon, Marina And The Diamonds and The Chemical Brothers.The Hoff has been seeing the Welsh blonde for three months after meeting her in Cardiff Bay while filming Britain’s Got Talent auditions, and is now a regular visitor to Miss Roberts' home town of Glynneath in Swansea.The former Knight Rider legend said: "I'm big on romance. I wooed her, I was a gentleman."I went to see her in Wales. It's been really nice because I've got the chance to see a bit of the countryside, a bit of Wales and it's been a terrific time. Wales is nice."Hasselhoff joins Amanda Holden and fellow newbie Michael McIntyre on the panel for this year's Britain's Got Talent and admits that despite having starred on the American version of the show for four years, he has noticed a few differences between the two programs.He said, "They [the British audience] are so positive. It is actually more fun over here than in the States. Everyone seems to want at any moment just to break out into song."The first episode of the new season was on ITV1 Saturday night in the UK, where David made his judging debut.

Source: Daily Mail, Contact Music

Knight Rider Festival III

Hey guys and gals. This weekend is Knight Rider Festival III in Las Vegas! If you are able to attend this year, be sure to check out all the great KITT replicas on Fremont Street. There will be lots of activities so check out the Knight Rider Festival website for a complete schedule. To the ones who are unable to make it, have no fear, together with Knight Rider Online we are going to be covering this event as it happens.Links of interest:

This twitpic photo widget on this page will also display the most recent photos from the festival.

David Eyes His Own Vegas Show

From Star Pulse | FemaleFirst | Hoff News Crew

 While at the Knight Rider Festival in Vegas last weekend, David mentioned, "I think it's going to be very soon now that I'm back here with my own show. I have a musical show. We just performed it and it went great. We're getting offers. I'm talking with hotels here (Las Vegas). Maybe I'll start downtown. I like it here. It has the old Vegas vibe and then I'll move it to the strip later."The singer/actor is planning to follow in the footsteps of the Rat Pack and Elvis Presley by garnering his own longtime residency in the gambling Mecca.He said, "It will be the 'Rat Pack' meets 'The Hoff' meets 'Knight Rider'."He also added to the Las Vegas Sun newspaper: "I'm the busiest I've been in a long time. I'm going over to Germany, where my music business is still extraordinarily big. I'm recording a new romantic songs CD and for US television network PBS, we will shoot a special in the castles of Ireland, with the Celtic women dancing in unison with me."

Knight Rider Festival

Just got back into town from the Knight Rider Festival, which was awesome. I've never seen David in person before, so that was really exciting. Photos and videos to come tomorrow. Some highlights included actually driving a KITT replica (thanks Alex) and David looking at me and saying "Hi."

Here's the rundown from articles on the Festival:

Check out the videos below. More to come soon!

Knight Rider Festival Recap

What can I say? Easily the best weekend of my life.. met tons of celebrities and friends from online communities. I can't really put it into words how amazing the Festival was, I was on excitement overload until the drive home from Vegas.We arrived in Vegas on Friday evening, and I got dressed for the VIP party.  Was planning on just walking around and seeing where things were for a little bit beforehand, but I got a call from Scott saying there was going to be a press conference in 20 minutes. So I walked outside the Golden Nugget to the first street stage for the ceremony.  Ever carry a heavy news camera and tripod in heels all the way from the 19th floor of the hotel to Fremont stage? Not fun! But I did it, and got lots of great footage and even interviewed Justin Bruening and Rebecca Holden! It was so amazing. I ended up editing a whole 2 minute story for the news on Monday with all the footage I got, and it's up on the website at KCSG.com if you want to see it.Catherine Hickland and II was so star struck after those interviews! If that wasn't enough, I met Justin again at the VIP party later that night. He is the nicest guy, very personable and approachable. Catherine Hickland was also there, and I got to chat with her. It's weird, because you meet these people that you watch on TV all the time, and you just don't know what to say to them. If you could just chat with them, what would you say? My mind came up with a blank.. and all I could mutter out with Catherine was "OMG I'm talking to Stevie right now." She just laughed and was very nice.I asked her what it was like working with David Hasselhoff on Knight Rider, and she told me, "Well he was my husband at the time, so it was weird." She even stood there to let me take a few pictures with her.Justin Bruening and IThen I saw Justin Bruening and he was standing in the corner on the balcony, and it took me about an hour to just get to him. When I did get there, he took a swig of beer and shook my hand. It was kind of amusing. He was really chill and just talked about funny things that have happened on Knight Rider. He was telling me and others that were standing around this silly story about KITT's voice globe. He said, if you step on the gas quickly, or jerk forward fast in the car, KITT's voice globe will fall out of the dash."I've actually caught it a few times," he said. He went on to talk about how in attack KITT, the voice globe blocks the air conditioning vents so he likes to take it out.He signed my DVD copy of the tribute video I did for Knight Rider Online, and said he's visited that site a few times and liked it. He then told me he'd check out dhasselhoff.net because he thinks the Hoff is a cool guy.I got some video of the VIP party, with Glen Larson and Justin Bruening. I wasn't able to meet Glen Larson, which makes me sad, but I'm glad I was able to get some video of him at least from afar.

David Hasselhoff on Viva VisionThe Fremont Street Experience put on a "Knight Rider Tribute" video on Viva Vision, which was really awesome. It was cool to see images of Knight Rider past and present on such a big screen. There was even a KITT scanner 5 blocks long!After the VIP Party, Neil, Scott, Sue (from KRO) and I went downstairs and walked to the garage to see all the KITT replicas. Neil and Sue rode in a replica and then Scott and I were able to ride in another. That was amazing - I couldn't believe I was actually riding down the Vegas strip in KITT.The replica I rode in was unbelievable. It actually had functional buttons! Ignition, windows, doors, headlights, dash lights.. all controllable from the ceiling buttons. He even had a functional "Oil slick" and "smoke screen." He said he wanted to get a nitrous kit, so his "Turbo Boost" would actually work.Lots of people were looking at us, since we were in a line of KITTs. Some people on the street were screaming about how they love KITT and the show, and some people in their cars next to us were doing the same.We all drove to the Vegas sign and took pictures, checked out other replicas and chatted with Michael Scheffe. He was so humble, such a nice guy he was.Saturday was the main event! I met Justin again a few more times, but the end of the day, when he walked by he would nod to me!Hung out with more friends that I've known online for 10+ years, and some people I've only known for a few months.Original K.I.T.T.The original K.I.T.T. was on display and I was able to talk to the owner and get pictures of the dash. It's one thing to see a replica, quite another to see the original. It was in prestine condition, but you could see the wear and tear on the seats and some parts of the dash, which was the more fascinating thing, if that makes sense.So many things happened on Saturday, and trying to recount it now is harder then it was to recount Friday. Saturday night there was lots of entertainment. Paul Casey sang and played guitar with Don Peake and they were really good. One of the songs he sang was "Johnny Be Good." Rebecca Holden also graced the stage and sang a few songs. I didn't know she could even sing until that day, and was impressed.Despite the amazing replicas and all the celebrities, it wouldn't have been as fun if I didn't get to meet all my friends from online. Everyone was so nice and approachable. My_friend_KITT, jup, neps, mike pajaro, scott, vegasmike, victor kros, MR2NR, vampire knight, tigersharka, season2fan, Sandra and anyone else that I met were all great nice people. I really enjoyed hanging out with them all.To see more photos and videos, check out the gallery.

David Hasselhoff Will Not Attend The Knight Rider Festival

Paul Casey of the Knight Rider Festival announced that David Hasselhoff will not be attending the festival today on Knight Rider Online. The following is the email he received from Joe Townley.

Paul,Thank you for your emails about David appearing at the Knight rider Festival in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, David will be unable to attend.While David was very excited about the festival and was very keen to attend, sadly his schedule does not allow it as he has to be in NY shooting America's Got Talent, and work must come first!I am sure that David thoroughly appreciates your efforts and we will be happy to prepare a video message for you. Please give me an idea of the sort of thing that you would like him to say and we will organize it.Many thanks,Joe Townley

Read the complete post here.

Knight Rider Video Contest

Posted by Sue at Knight Rider Online

One favorite fan activity is to create video tributes to the shows, stars and cars that we love. Now you have a chance to have your video seen by the dignitaries themselves. Three finalists will receive an invitation to the VIP party at the Knight Rider Festival in Las Vegas where their video will be shown.Video submissions must be high energy and 3 to 5 minuets in length. They must be made with high quality footage that is clean of markings and advertising. Knight Rider footage may be used if the audio track is muted. Be original and creative!Some suggested video topics would be: A tribute to the stars of the show both living and dead in honor of their work. A tribute of the cars, the stunts and some of the more spectacular moments. A tribute to the show, both old or new. A tribute to Las Vegas highlighting the many times classic or new Knight Rider was filmed in the "entertainment capital of the world"All entries must be submitted to knightrideronline by March 5.