David Hasselhoff to Judge Red Bull Flugtag Festival

Red Bull Flugtag DayThe first ever National Red Bull Flugtag Day takes place in five cities simultaneously across the United States of America. Washington DC, Miami, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Long Beach all host their own Red Bull Flugtag events on the same day and fight it out for the top honours. Thirty teams will take to the ramps in each of the five cities and do battle in their self-built creations to do battle for their home town.David Hasselhoff is one of the celebrities there to judge the self-built flying contraptions in Long Beach tomorrow starting at 10am and lasting all day. The first launch will be at Noon. Other celebrities joining David are Kevin Ryder of KROQ's Kevin & Bean Morning show, world-record cycle-jumper Robbie Maddison, the guys from Comedy Central's "Workaholics", Mexican music show host Yarel Ramos and radio/TV host Carson Daly.Press Telegram News says Flugtag is a mammoth party, with 28 teams launching their homemade contraptions from a 30-foot-tall ramp at the foot of the Pine Avenue Pier in an effort to grab some serious air and some serious distance. It’s a combination of aeronautics and sheer buffoonery, with hardly any aeronautics.The combined knowledge and experience of flight, from the first attempts at paleo-gliding by cavemen jumping out of trees to NASA’s Apollo program, will all be brought to bear Saturday afternoon in Long Beach when several teams of aeronuts attempt to take to the skies with their human-powered flying machines shaped like pyramids and pizzas.They will all fail. Every one. And it’s exactly that kind of spectacular failure that will bring an expected crowd of more than 100,000 people to Long Beach on Saturday afternoon to watch the return of Red Bull’s Flugtag event at Rainbow Harbor.Date: September 21Hangars open at 10amFirst launch is at NoonEvent is free and open to the publicFor more information, check out Red Bull's official website on Flugtag Festival Long Beach.

Source: Red Bull, Press Telegram News