Win "This Time Around" From Hoffspace!

Hoffspace is holding a contest to win David's new CD "This Time Around."

What will you need to do to win a copy? Here's what:1. be a member of HoffSpace (obviously)2. answer a question (don't be afraid, it's not really hard question for any true fan)3. send us your answer using HoffSpace messaging system with subject COMPETITION (only answers we get that way will be considered, DO NOT send us answers via e-mail). If you don't know how to send a message through HoffSpace, here are instructions: click on Hasselhoff.com and then once you are on our profile page click on Send a message...Now, here's the big question:HOW MANY STUDIO ALBUMS, INCLUDING "THIS TIME AROUND", HAS DAVID RELEASED SO FAR?Send us your answers through HoffSpace message with subject COMPETITION by Sunday, 18th of March 2012 and we will announce 2 lucky winners at Monday, 19th of March 2012.

Good luck to everyone! Enter by messaging Hasselhoff.com through Hoffspace only.Winners: PETRA AKA DJ SUNNY, IVANA BENIAKOVA and KATHY THACKER!

Hasselhoff Revisits Cancer Survivors

From ContactMusic

Actor David Hasselhoff has been reunited with two cancer survivors he first met when they were diagnosed with the disease as children 20 years ago.The Baywatch star first encountered the two men when they were just kids newly diagnosed with cancer in Vienna, Austria in the early 1990s, as part of his charity work.He visited them again on Monday (24Jan11) - and was pleased to see how well they've recovered from their early-life health scares.In a video posted on his website, Hasselhoff says, "Here we are at the St. Anna's Children Hospital in Vienna where I met these children here 20 years ago. We established a foundation called the David Hasselhoff Benefit Foundation for Children with Cancer."We started this foundation and these two children survived cancer and they lived. It's an amazing thing to come back and see this. Miracles happen. It's incredible."Check out David's blog post about his visit to Vienna here.Find more videos like this on HoffSpace

Vegas Baby!

From Hoffspace

David was in Vegas this weekend and made a stop at Planet Hollywood for their new show, "Peepshow" and also made a stop at the Cadillac Ranch.

You all know I love Vegas, so this weekend I decided to take a little trip up there. As always, I had a FANTASTIC time at Planet Hollywood and a great time at their new show, Peepshow. Holly Madison from The Girls Next Door was great!

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Also had a great meal at Cadillac Ranch; it was so good I wanted to take a tour of the kitchens!

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Behind the Scenes at AGT

From Hoffspace

David shows us what it's like behind the scenes of America's Got Talent just before the live shows. Also, check out a video of David and Daughtry, who performed on the show last night!Find more videos like this on HoffSpace

From Hoffspace

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David on Tubridy Tonight

David talked about his time in Dublin and at Tubridy Tonight, and even posted a behind the scenes video of him singing Unchain My Heart.

Had a blast on the show last night. Everyone at the show was great, the audience were super cool and Tubs and I had some great craic... I wish him all the best for his new show and I will hopefully be back in Dublin soon. Just went out for a jog down the canal and looking forward to our next destination - Johannesburg!!!Anyway, i am sure you will be able to catch the show from last night on youTube or something but here is some very special behind the scenes footage of me doing Unchain My Heart for the audience after the show had finished. Enjoy...

Find more videos like this on HoffSpaceHayley from Hoffspace posted the video of David on Tubridy Tonight from Saturday! He also sang Jump in my Car!Find more videos like this on HoffSpaceFind more videos like this on HoffSpace

Wounded Warriors

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I think honoring the men and women who serve our country is incredibly important, which is why I got involved with the Wounded Warriors Project. They're a really really great organization and then men and women they help are incredibly grateful. Not only are they grateful; they are gracious and kind and full of life. Every single one of the servicemen and women involved have been badly wounded. Some have lost limbs, some have lost eyes. But they are glad to have served their nation and are glad that the people at Wounded Warriors have given them a voice.The organization's motto is "The Greatest Casualty is Being Forgotten," and through great charities like this, these people never will be.Peace and respect,DH

Read more at his blog.

AGT Houston

David says hi from Houston while taping America's Got Talent!Find more videos like this on HoffSpace

We had a really great time in Houston and this little girl was so adorable!DH

He also added some pretty cute videos.. like, Hoff Ave and this starstruck Starbucks guy was all smiles when David and Taylor went to get some coffee in Arizona.

Hoff the Wall

David has started a new contest! Make your own Looking For Freedom video and submit it. Here is what he wrote:

It gave me a great idea too; lets see all you people out there on HoffSpace make your own Looking for Freedom video! If you've got a wall, let's see you perform in front of it! Or if you have a garden wall, maybe on top (only if it's safe; we don't want any injuries)!Submit them and we'll feature the best ones. Then we'll get some voting going on here and the winners will get some really cool autographed Hoff stuff.Let's see what you've got Hoffspace!DH

Here is the video that started it all:Find more videos like this on HoffSpace

Hoff's Heroes

hoffblogKnow someone that does amazing work in your community? David wants to know! He is starting a once-a-month program called "Hoff's Heroes" where one outstanding member of your community (Hoffspace member or not) will be featured. Here is what he wrote:

I think giving back to your community is one of the most important things a person can do. I try to promote good causes in my own city and I've taught my daughters how important it it.I want to see what you guys give back to your communities, so the team and I thought up a great way to find out what people are doing and to acknowledge people that give time to a good cause.So, submit your friends or your family members (whether they're a member of Hoffspace or not) and tell us why you think they should be one of Hoff's Heroes; people who do amazing work in their community, who have overcome incredible adversity, or anyone you think deserves to be recognized for outstanding work. We'll choose one a month to feature. They might also get a little something special.Send their stories to Team Hoff user name on Hoffspace: Hasselhoff.com and let's get these people the recognition they deserve.Peace and respect,DH

Almost the First Birthday of Hoffspace!

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It's almost our first birthday here at Hoffspace (or close enough anyway) and so we've decided to do a series of things to celebrate. First we're going to do some great deals in the HoffShop. This week, and this week only, if you buy a HoffBag (see David's Video) you'll get this "I Got Hoff In Vegas" shirt for half-price. We're also going to be picking an item of the week to go on sale or to give away to a lucky few (more details on that later!) in the days and weeks coming up.We've also got a bunch of cool new stuff we're getting the ball rolling on for the Hoffshop, so stay tuned! We'll be sure to keep you updated.The Team at Hasselhoff.com

David Hasselhoff Creates Social Networking Site HoffSpace

Fox News

Former "Baywatch" star and "America's Got Talent" judge David Hasselhoff has created his own social networking Web site, called HoffSpace."In my travels round the world I have always been surprised that no matter where I go people recognize and know me, from Europe, Australia and India to the Philippines and the Zulu Nation in South Africa," he says on his Web site. "This got me thinking... I realized that while two people from two entirely different countries and backgrounds may seem to have nothing in common, the only thing they might have in common is me... So I decided to start a network where people from across the world might come together and get a conversation started over me," he continues.Hasselhoff says the site, which currently has 13,424 members, offers videos and photos of the "adventures of my life (THAT NO ONE ELSE GETS TO SEE)," as well as a chance to see him live on "Hoff TV."In explaining why he started HoffSpace, the actor says "the world would be a better place if everyone talked a little more to each other. ...Tell me the stories of how you are making a difference in your life and, if you need my help, ask... One man or woman CAN make a difference..."