SharkWatch Out Now

Remember when David went to South Africa and filmed all that shark footage? Well, now The Underwater Channel has the trailer and the series in 3 parts.

We had such an amazing and life changing experience; it IS scary to have a tiger shark swim straight at you with no cage, but I've learned that courage isn't having no fear; it's feeling the fear and overcoming it.I hope you all get to watch this amazing footage.

View the Trailer!Series: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Help Save Sharks

David brings us this message from the Underwater Channel about an issue that needs your attention.

"The Underwater Channel is a new web TV Channel for both divers and all those interested in the oceans. Please can you help in our campaign against the iniquitous practice of shark-finning which is presenting a real threat to sharks the world over. In case you’re in any doubt about supporting sharks please consider the following: Our oceans cover approx 70% of the Earth with coral reefs being responsible for approx 70% of the air we breathe. Sharks are seriously under threat due to shark-finning. They are also top of the ocean’s food chain and play a vital role in keeping the ecosystem stable and the oceans healthy and productive. The removal of these apex predators will have catastrophic effects not just on the marine ecosystem, but upon us all.You can help by please signing our petition at Not on our Menu.We really need your help to bring the number of signatures up to our 10,000 target! Our mission is to reach this target by World Ocean Day on 8th June, 2009 and to present the petition to the UN Sec General in New York calling for effective policing of member states’ legislation and implementation where there isn’t any legislation."

Read more of what David has to say about this at his blog.Please sign the Petition!