Hello! Magazine David and Hayley Interview

In the new issue of Hello! Magazine, Hayley talks about how her relationship is going with David and both tell some cute stories of their first date.

She said, "After he says 'I love you,' he says, 'that just means I really like you.' So I don't know if he means it or not.""He's a super, amazing guy and I could spend all my time with him. He's perfect."And divorced father-of-two David added that he isn't ruling out marriage to his pretty blonde girlfriend.He added, "I'm not writing it off - who knows?"Britain's Got Talent judge David has been dating Welsh Hayley since meeting her during the audition stage of the talent show.But their first date didn't go quite to plan, as David said he tried to woo Hayley with a romantic break in Switzerland but she ended up preferring things slightly more simple.The actor told Hello! that he had persuaded an 'incredible restaurant' to stay open for them, but Hayley admitted she preferred to nip for a burger.He said, "She looked at the menu and said, 'There's nothing on here I can eat.' I had to drive her to McDonald's on the way back to the hotel!"Speaking about their Swiss break, Hasselhoff said, "I was a gentleman that first night. I said she could have her own bed. Then we went to a health resort.""I thought, 'Let's enjoy health and each other.' I quickly found out we have the same values, even though we're from very different worlds."