Hasselhoffs Hit Back At Tabloids With U.S. Reality Show

As we all know, David and his daughters have been filming their reality show for A&E, which is set to premiere sometime in the Fall. In this article, Hayley says she hopes to show how the family really is and put all the tabloid rumors to rest. I hope they do, the previous UK shows were really great in showing the personal side of the family.

From ContactMusic

 DAVID HASSELHOFF and his teenage daughters are planning to air out their family dramas in a U.S. version of their candid U.K. reality show - in a bid to put ongoing tabloid rumours to rest.The Baywatch star and his two actress daughters, 17-year-old Hayley and 20-year-old Taylor Ann, are working on a deal to bring their 2009 show, Meet the Hasselhoffs, Stateside.Hayley admits the series could shock audiences with behind-the-scenes insights into her dad's highly-publicised battle with alcoholism and his split from the girls' mother, actress Pamela Bach.But she also hopes it will help critics see a different side to the Hasselhoff family.She says, "I think the biggest thing of why we're doing it is to prove the tabloids wrong. The greatest thing about our family is that we don't care. We don't care if anybody talks bad about us. We laugh it off. We stay true to ourselves. We know what's happening at home. We don't need to tell the public - we don't need to explain it to the public..."I think the show's really going to represent how we're all best friends and how we tell each other everything."