David Hasselhoff and Hayley Roberts lift lid on romance

The romance between Baywatch star David Hasselhoff and his Welsh girlfriend has been a tabloid staple and is now the subject of a behind-the-scenes TV program.BBC takes us on a ride through David Hasselhoff and Hayley Roberts' relationship since 2011. They talk about how their relationship began and where it is now. David also hints at where he's going to live next.. Wales or L.A.? Below are a few excerpts from the article. Read the whole thing here on BBC News.The program deals with his fame and the line between David Hasselhoff the person and The Hoff, the celebrity. It is a classic culture clash. The tale of a woman from the valleys who helps bring some normal life to a celebrity. Hayley and the Hoff airs Monday at 9pm (21:00) on BBC One Wales.

The programme shows Hasselhoff spending Christmas Day with the Roberts clan, all in Christmas jumpers."It was a nice Christmas for me, " he recalls. "I was away from my family and it was a rough time, my father had passed away, so it was my first Christmas without my family and I was invited to come to her home.

In the programme, he says the former Debenhams shop assistant's "love of life" and helping him keep healthy after well-publicised alcohol issues has been "one of the best things to happen to me."She says: " I don't know what people think The Hoff is. I get confused, to me it's just David - a happy person and larger than life."

"We're trying to figure out where we live right now - we're between two houses. We're having a discussion about whether we live in Wales or LA."Right now we're living out of a suitcase and we will be for seven months from July from doing Hoff The Record and the musical, Last Night A DJ Saved My Life with music from the '80s."We're house-hunting all the time. I went to the Cotswolds and didn't want to leave it was like being in the musical Oliver!"I haven't been to north Wales yet and we're hoping to go there in a couple of weeks when we have some time and see Snowdonia."

Source: BBC News

ACC Liverpool welcomed BBC Worldwide for the fourth time for its annual Showcase event

The waterfront venue, home to BT Convention Centre and Echo Arena, welcomed over 700 global TV buyers over four days.

Entertainment was provided by John Cleese, David Hasselhoff, Paolo Nutini and the Backstreet Boys as guests dined on a menu which included pan roast rump of Welsh mountain lamb and a dark chocolate disco ball dessert, all provided by the venue’s caterers Centerplate.Bob Prattey, chief executive of ACC Liverpool, said: “Every year we are impressed with how the BBC Worldwide team transform our venue and this year was no exception – the arena and convention centre looked spectacular which is fantastic when there are so many delegates visiting from all over the world for this event.”

Source: Incentive Travel

Good Evening Wales: David Talks HOFF Comic

BBC Radio WalesAudio: David Hasselhoff discusses being immortalised as a comic book hero by a Welsh Illustrator on Good Evening Wales with Gareth Lewis and Mark Hutchings.

Source: Simon Williams and BBC Radio Wales

Source: Simon Williams and BBC Radio Wales

David Hasselhoff To Join BBC's 'Bedtime Stories'

TV legend David Hasselhoff will help parents get their excited kids off to sleep in the post-Christmas period after signing up to be part of the BBC's Bedtime Stories series.The former Baywatch star will read kids' favorite My Friend Nigel by Jo Hodgkinson on children's cable channel CBeebies on New Year's Eve.He joins a host of stars who are reading stories during the festive period, including singer Lulu, actress Emilia Fox and Sir Derek Jacobi.Hasselhoff admits he can't wait to take part in the show, insisting he's loved books since the Christmases of his youth.He says, "I think it is so important for children to become familiar with books from an early age. "As a child I used to love reading 'Twas The Night Before Christmas and I can still recite all the words today."

Source: Starpulse

David Hasselhoff to Get His Own Clip Show on BBC

BBC Scotland’s in-house entertainment department has been commissioned to make a six-part half-hour series of The Hoff’s best…film ever! for BBC Three. Each week, the comedy entertainment clip-show takes a different area of film from ‘action’ to ‘dance’ and sees a mix of stars and comedians running through the ingredients needed for perfection in that category. Actor David Hasselhoff will anchor the show from his HQ. The executive producer is Eileen Herlihy. The show is slated for 2013.

Source: HoffArmy, ATVToday

David Hasselhoff on BBC Breakfast

Baywatch star David Hasselhoff has revealed that a musical based on his life and career is "in development.""I always wanted to do 'David Hasselhoff the musical' based on my life and Baywatch and it looks like its going to happen now for the West End," he told BBC Breakfast.The actor, who is set to star in Peter Pan at the Manchester Royal Opera House in December, said he gets "mobbed" in Manchester and has to wear a disguise.Click the picture or here to watch the video.

Source: BBC

Never Mind The Buzzcocks- preview clip

As you may have heard this afternoon David was at the BBC studios in London to take part as guest host of the first episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks.
The show airs this coming Monday on BBC 2 at 10pm

David and Bella Vida on Scott Mills With the Power of Hoffism

Bavarian Hasselhoffs? The power of Hoffism? There is some craziness in Edinburgh on Scott Mills' radio show on BBC Radio 1. It was also pretty amusing to hear Scott Mills singing. We also meet a Hasselhoff impersonator that makes the real Hoff feel kind of weird. The fake Hoff says he's converted 600 people to the power of Hoffism, which is making Hayley and Taylor crack up with laughter. The real Hoff suggests he's "Hoff his rocker," but says he's quite honored yet scared.Check back at the BBC Radio 1 Scott Mills site for the podcast.

David Hasselhoff on Scott Mills

David called in to Scott Mills' show on Radio 1 this morning in the UK, and talked about the weather, tried out his scottish accent and announced he'll be on Radio 1's 'Fun and Filth Cabaret' show next week in Edinburgh, UK. He even said he was going to bring his daughters in on the show.Check BBC Radio 1 site to hear the podcast when they put it up.

BBC Radio 2: How David Hasselhoff Brought Down The Wall

From BBC

Listen here

Will only be available for 7 days, so listen while you can!

As Radio 2 continues to mark the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Richard Herring irreverently intertwines the fall of communism with the rise of David Hasselhoff.In 1989, David Hasselhoff was between jobs. Knight Rider had been cancelled a few years earlier; Baywatch had yet to rescue his career, so he decided to become a pop star. And had some success. His single, Looking For Freedom, reached number one in Austria, Switzerland, and West Germany, helped by his bright idea of taking the talking car from Knight Rider on stage with him.Meanwhile, the wheels of history turned. Communist Hungary removed its travel restrictions with Austria, allowing thousands of East German tourists to escape to Austria and enter West Germany. While weekly protests grew, Hasselhoff's song pumped away relentlessly in the discos of West Berlin. On 9 November 1989 the Wall fell. To ring in the New Year, there was no question as to who would best symbolize a new beginning and freedom - The Hoff. After spending almost two months at number one, David Hasselhoff performed Looking For Freedom live on top of the Berlin Wall in front of hundreds of thousands of Germans - and walked into the history books.Richard Herring casts an eye back over this extraordinary episode in modern history. He gets into the GDR swing of things by taking a ride in a Trabant and learning the Lipsi Dance, the German Democratic Republic's official answer to rock n' roll. We speak to key figures in the Berlin music scene including the Klaus Renft Combo, who were banned by GDR authorities, and Berliners whose lives were affected by the Wall. And we track down the producer of Looking for Freedom, fans who witnessed Hasselhoff atop the Wall, and of course, The Hoff himself.

David Hasselhoff Says "Bring it On"

From BBC Newsbeat

Baywatch and Knight Rider legend David Hasselhoff is back on British screens in Meet the Hasselhoffs. It's the follow up to The Hoff: When Scott Came To Stay and features the 57-year-old actor visiting the UK with his two daughters and personal assistant. He drops in to Radio 1 to see Scott Mills, meets his mum, gets to play polo and bumps into some Pearly Kings and Queens in a London pub.

How did Meet the Hasselhoffs come about?

I came over here to originally do a sequel to The Hoff: When Scott Came to Stay, which was basically a story of a DJ (Scott Mills) who came to live with a guy he saw on television, and for me to share my life with him, to see what it's like in Los Angeles and the fact that it's crazy and fun.But behind closed doors I'm just a dad and a real person. We hit it off, so decided to do a sequel, something that nobody's ever done and take a motor home across Britain. We called it the Hoff road trip.

We show the chaos and pandemonium of what it's like for me in London during the summer. It's insane here. Everyone's got a mobile phone and everyone's got a camera and seems genuinely shocked when they meet me, but in a very positive way. It's madness.It was basically, 'Let's go out and see what it's like to meet the real people - Pearly Kings and Queens, sitting with them in a pub, playing polo and cricket, and go to Peterborough and go to a fair'. We got to go to Devon and hang with the lifeguards too.We did crazy things, every possible crazy thing we could - like rock climbing in the Scottish Highlands to looking for the Loch Ness monster. But the most amazing thing that came out of this was how crazy, funny and wacky our life can be, but how close we are as a family.

Do you think the tabloids in Britain, and probably in America too, are waiting for your next downfall?

I think [they] are always waiting for anybody's downfall, not just me.Nobody on the street says anything. Isn't it funny, with all the garbage that's been printed about me and my family, America's Got Talent is still number one?Knight Rider was number one and Baywatch was the number one watched show in the world. In a way, 'Bring it on baby. Say what you want', because people on the street go, 'How are you doing? You look so buff, you look so healthy'. I said, 'Yeah I am'. Believe what you see, not what you read.

Are you a fan of Susan Boyle now after seeing her on the final of America's Got Talent?

I loved her. She was very professional. She's just come from being a little lady in her own little world to a mega, megastar. She handled it very well. She was nervous. We're all nervous. If you're not nervous, you're not alive when you go on stage.She's amazing. I love Susan Boyle. She brought the world together. She brought a real amazing sensitivity back to the world. She's the most downloaded person in history and that's so great, to see that the world still has a heart and that people aren't just out to buy the latest magazine with some stupid article in it.

And Scott Mills - who'd have thought you'd be such good friends?

He's a great guy - I can get Scott on my radio in Los Angeles at four o'clock. I've got Radio 1 on my presets. My daughters, specifically Hayley, got really close to Scott. She feels like he's a brother. He's a real sensitive guy - I liked his parents - his mother and his grandfather were quite interesting.

Meet the Hasselhoffs is on Living on Mondays at 2200BST

London Interviews Today

*I spent several hours putting this together, so if you post it on another website I would appreciate a link back, thank you!

As you may have read on his Twitter last night, David is in London today running around doing all these radio interviews. I will try and get as many as I can up for everyone.First one today is from Steve Wright on BBC Radio 2, move marker to 1:33:00. Available until 5:07pm Monday 5th October 2009. Listen here.David also appeared on The One Show on BBC 1! Video for UK only. Hopefully we can get the video on YouTube or Hoffspace soon!Scott Mills had David as a guest on his radio show today as well. Listen here. Move marker to time code 0:43:44. They play a song in the middle of the interview, so be sure to stay tuned. They also do the news segment during the interview before Scott says goodbye to David.George Lamb from Radio 6 talked to David today on his show - Listen here. Move the marker to time code 2:06:00. Stay tuned through the song to listen to the rest of the interview.

 95.8 CapitalFM interviewed David today on their show, and posted some photos! You can try and listen here, but I was unable to get it to load.Hayls put up some photos from his appearance on Absolute Radio. Check them out. Also, see the video of David on Absolute Radio. Be sure to see the second part.

There's Something About David

BBC Newsbeat

By Rajini Vaidyanathan Newsbeat's politics reporter

And then of course, there’s the Hoff. Just because. Although in a poll last year of the world’s sexiest men he beat Gordon Brown. The PM was 97th sexiest, David Hasselhoff came in at 95. 

David Brent, David Tennant, David Hasselhoff 
Some of the Davids who could help and hinder Gordon Brown

David Blaine could work his magic on the PM’s political woes. David Beckham could pass on some of his popularity.

As Gordon Brown tries to relax on his Great British summer holiday, there's no doubt his current troubles will weigh on his mind. Will his party get rid of him? Can he turn things round? There's another thought he might be considering too.Is there something about David?It's two men with that name who are causing the PM a bit of a headache at the moment.The first David is of the Cameron variety. If the polls are to be believed then he could be the man to send Gordon Brown packing from Downing Street at the next election.

His party's successes in the Crewe and Nantwich by-election, and the locals are just some signs of a Conservative revival that must be causing the PM some anxiety.Snap stakesAnd it's not just elections where Cameron appears to be outdoing the PM on. Many argue that David Cameron won on the summer holiday snap stakes.Seen cuddling up to wife Samantha on a Cornwall beach, the photos painted a very relaxed picture.The Tory leader told Newsbeat last week that a pair of flowery shorts he was snapped in were bought by his wife.He said: "They're all right aren't they? What, a bit flowery? I've had them for years." The PM, on holiday in Southwold in Suffolk was well covered up in comparison. He sported a more formal look, wearing a suit jacket and shirt on the beach.The other David who is making headlines while the PM is on holiday is David Miliband.Currently foreign secretary, his front line political career began when he worked as an adviser to Tony Blair, where he earned the nickname "brains". Rumour is abound in Westminster that this David is also after the Prime Minister's job.Front lineHis article setting out his vision for the Labour Party's future had no mention of his current boss Gordon Brown.When asked if he wanted the top job he denied he's plotting a leadership challenge."No, I'm not campaigning for anything other than a successful Labour government," he argued."The truth is we had a very bad result in the Glasgow by-election. I was frustrated by the sense of fatalism that had imbued in parts of the media and the Labour party." Insiders say the very fact he wrote the article in the first place, suggests he would be happy to throw himself into the ring without too much persuading.The name David's clearly causing Gordon Brown a few issues at the moment. On top of those two, it was the resignation of Labour MP David Marshall due to ill-health, that triggered the by-election in Glasgow East.Labour went on to to lose the seat to the Scottish National Party, who overturned a 13,000 majority to win there. That defeat was for many Labour MPs the final straw, and prompted calls for the PM to step down.Perhaps the PM will do well to stay away from people called David.Famous talesGoing back in time, Gordon Brown won’t want to repeat the famous tale of David and Goliath.Goliath, the huge warrior was in a fight with David, the shepherd.Despite being smaller and less equipped for battle David stunned Goliath with a stone from his sling before cutting his head off.A few years ago Tony Blair was dubbed the "David Brent of Downing Street" by the Conservatives. Another David that Gordon Brown will want to avoid association with.But the PM could also find some Davids might help his cause. David Tennant as Dr Who for instance.Going back in time in the tardis would mean the PM could call the election he didn’t last year, something many say is to blame for many of his current troubles.