David Hasselhoff Addresses Oxford Union

US actor, singer and all-round entertainer David Hasselhoff was given the floor at Oxford Union to talk about truth and consequences, Tuesday.Dressed in a shiny grey suit and tie and carrying a Baywatch-style life preserver, Hasselhoff took to the platform to ringing applause and a standing ovation.Those present learned that Prime Minister David Cameron admits to being a huge fan of Knight Rider and the Hoff thinks reality shows have ruined TV.Hasselhoff gave away T-shirts carrying the slogan "Don't Hassel The Hoff". Those present were quickly enamoured by his charm and anecdotes. During a 10-minute introduction, Hasselhoff explained that he had just come up from Westminster, where he bumped into Mr. Cameron."I go to Parliament and I'm having a great time. I say, 'I'd really like to meet the Prime Minister', and as I turned around there is the Prime Minister."He said, 'I'm a big fan of Knight Rider'. I said, 'I'm a big fan of you - are you Tony Blair?'," Hasselhoff joked to the audience.During a half hour Q&A at the union, The Hoff talked about his role in the fall of the Berlin Wall and also discussed his daughter Hayley's battles with weight issues and his own personal problems.But for the most part, the talk remained light.The judge of Britain's Got Talent said his experiences filming the show led him to believe that Britain was every bit as "nuts" as America.Earlier in the day, Hasselhoff was shown around Parliament by lawmaker and former musician David Morris.The backbencher, a former songwriter who was once in a band with Rick Astley, has known Hasselhoff since the 1980s.An aide to Mr. Morris said: "The Hoff was in town filming (ITV show) Britain's Got Talent, and David gave him a tour. He kindly agreed to support our campaign to restore Morecambe's Winter Gardens."While we were waiting for a taxi in New Palace Yard afterwards, the Prime Minister's car pulled up and he walked straight into us.""The Hoff offered to help him with the Big Society. He also gave him a signed photo," the aide said.The two men posed for pictures and Mr. Hasselhoff, a friend of Tory MP David Morris, continued his tour of the historic Palace of Westminster.The former “Baywatch” star was helping Morris promote a campaign to restore a disused entertainment complex in Morecambe, the northern England seaside resort he represents in Parliament.[gallery]

Read David's blog post at HoffspaceArticle text from Mirror.co.uk, dash.com, BBC, and The TelegraphPhoto Gallery from Zimbio