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David Hasselhoff Interview with Metro

The Hoff is back and talking with about Britains Got Talent, his reality show and his new movie Piranha 3DD.

Why did you do this reality show?One, to help highlight my daughters’ quests to become singers. Number two, instead of reading complete unadulterated lies about  me in the press, this was a chance to invite people in to say: ‘This is who the Hasselhoffs are – we have a great family relationship, a heart and a sense of humour.’Are you worried your daughters will experience the negative side of fame?They already have because of my divorce and the stuff I’ve gone through. They’ve had to have a hard skin, especially at school. Every kid goes through challenges at school, whether you’re in show business or not, but it’s worse if people know  you because of your parents. We’re just a normal family that picks up the papers and reads what we’ve been doing, or haven’t, everyday. It hurts when your children are mentioned and when people assume things about them that aren’t true.How’s Britain’s Got Talent going?I’m having a blast. I find it very funny that I can’t understand what people are saying a lot of  the time. I’m very proud I’ve been asked to do it. I’m spending a lot of time in Britain and people are very complimentary.

Are there any British accents you can’t understand at all?The Scottish ones. The Glaswegian accent really got me but then I couldn’t really understand a lot of what people in Liverpool were saying – and Wales too. I’m having a hell of a time. I’m dating a Welsh girl and keep saying ‘what?’ all the time. I haven’t got through one sentence with her yet without saying ‘what?’ But at the same time I find it very sexy and cute, so she can talk all she wants.What acts in Britain would you not get in US?There was one act in America where a lady said she could whistle and birds would come. She did it and no birds arrived. The weirdest one in Britain was a guy who imitated trucks – I have no idea what that was about. It sounded like a giant man farting. And I think I’ve seen every Michael Jackson impersonator in Britain.What are your proudest achievements in your career?I loved working with Mel Brooks. When they asked me to do The Producers, they asked me to play the German but I wanted to play the gay director and he told me I did a great job, which I was very proud of.What have been the biggest disappointments?Not getting more film work and not being cast in the TV remake of Knight Rider when I brought the idea, the treatment and the story to the TV network. Hollywood can be fun like that.You’re filming Piranha 3DD at the moment – how’s that going?It’s a lot of fun saving beautiful girls from being eaten by piranhas and  it’s great to see everyone wandering around covered in fake blood.What lessons have 40 years in showbiz taught you?Don’t count on anything but yourself and God.What’s the secret of your enduring popularity?Love of people, humility and to respect the opportunities that I’ve been given. And, of course, my winning smile.You’ve had a well-publicised battle with alcoholism. Are people supportive?People never, ever ask; only the media. Interviews like this are obsessed with bringing it up because it sells newspapers. No one in the street has ever come up to me and said: ‘How’s your drinking?’ I welcome the support I receive from family and friends.What else would you like to achieve with your career?To bring down all the walls in the world. More seriously, though, I’d like to make a kick-ass Knight Rider film and I’m looking forward to seeing my daughters achieve success in their own careers.The Hasselhoffs starts on May 30 on Bio.

KITT is Back and Looking For Michael on BGT

KITT has been out of view for a while, but now he's back and he wants to find Michael. But no one wants to tell him that the Hoff has moved on. With The Hoff very busy judging this years BGT, how will he react when he see's his old buddy? Will KITT ever give up on Michael? Who will help him? Go backstage with KITT and find out.

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Sneak Peak at the Britain's Got Talent Season Premiere

Britain's Got Talent returns to the UK screens this Saturday and promises to be the wackiest series so far.From a man impersonating trucks to a guy who carves faces out of melons, this year's auditions have been so crazy that judge Amanda Holden has even suggested the show be renamed 'Britain's Got Self-Belief'.Hosted by Ant and Dec, the fifth series will see two new judges, comedian Michael McIntyre and David Hasselhoff, join Amanda on the judging panel with viewers being treated to guest appearances from Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell.[gallery order="DESC" columns="4"]


Britain's Got Talent Airs April 16, Amanda Holden Wants the Hoff on Glee

Britain's Got Talent returns to to ITV in Great Britain starting April 16. The show, hosted by Geordie duo Ant and Dec, and featuring returning judge Amanda Holden and new panel members Michael McIntyre and David Hasselhoff, had its air date confirmed on the channel’s Twitter account earlier today.The live finals are scheduled to air in May.Judge Amanada Holden also says she wants a whole episode of Glee dedicated to David Hasselhoff. Amanda told The Sun’s Buzz magazine that he’d be fantastic on the hit musical show and added, “He could sweep Sue Sylvester off her feet…The Hoff’s the only man tall enough to do it!”The great man himself loved the the idea and laughed.“I love Glee and listen to musical theatre a lot…I’ve even recorded songs from the musicals Dracula, and Jekyll & Hyde.”

Sources: Music Rooms & Unreality TV

David Hasselhoff Arrives at Birmingham BGT Auditions

David Hasselhoff arrived in Birmingham Tuesday for the Britain's Got Talent Auditions. He spent longer then the other judges outside to sign autographs and chat with fans before walking over to the media for some photos.[gallery]

Photos from Now Magazine and Birmingham Mail

Hasselhoff Starts on BGT Thursday

From Digital Spy

David Hasselhoff will join the new-lookBritain's Got Talent judging panel for the first time tomorrow.The former Baywatch actor will team up with Amanda Holden and Michael McIntyre at the Manchester Opera House for auditions on Thursday and Friday.Louis Walsh stood in for the US star last week while he was busy filming in Australia and appearing in pantomime in Wimbledon.Hasselhoff, McIntyre and Holden will be joined on the judging panel by Simon Cowell when theGot Talent live shows start.

It's Official: David Moving Across the Pond to Britain's Got Talent

After several weeks of talks, it's confirmed that David will be one of the new judges on Britain's Got Talent.

From Entertainment Weekly

A&E might have pulled The Hasselhoffs from their lineup, but across the pond, they just can’t get enough of David Hasselhoff.A publicist for the actor confirms to EW that the former Baywatchand Knight Rider star will join the judging panel at Britain’s Got Talent, more than a week after it was announced he was in talks for the gig.The former America’s Got Talentjudge will fill one of two recently available spots, with the other going to British comedian Michael McIntyre, according to the United Kingdom Press Association. The panel will also include existing judge Amanda Holden, and Simon Cowell will lend his critiques during the live portions of the show.