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David Hasselhoff Interview in KITT with theAFICIONAUTO

KITT returns to the desert along with Michael Knight himself. David Hasselhoff sits with Christopher Rutkowski and goes for a drive in KITT. El Mirage lake bed is the original shooting location for the 19080's TV series KNIGHT RIDER.theAFICIONAUTO bring both TV stars back home to tell us all about KITT, cars and what working on the show was like.theAFICIONAUTO also recreates one of the most iconic shots of Michael Knight in the driver's seat. This is the first time this has been seen in 30 years!

New Sims 4 Mods Released Include David Hasselhoff

Sims 4 Mod of Michael Knight

Sims 4 has some new modified characters, including Michael Knight and Beavis & Butthead that have just been released and are now playable.The game is played on a PC and users can modify and download different looking sims.David Hasselhoff For 'The Sims 4'

Mod uploader PeanutsB posted the "Michael Knight" mod which features a young David Hasselhoff based from the second season of Knight Rider. Although the virtual character for the game is not perfect due to the lack of jacket and hairstyle, the Sim is supposed to look like Michael Knight from the original Knight Rider based on the uploader's description. No additional requirements have been noted by the uploader to use this mod.

To download this mod for Sims 4, check out PeanutsB's page.

Sims 4 Mod of Michael Knight Sims 4 Mod of Michael Knight's chest hairSource: International Business Times


Hasselhoff says new Knight Rider TV series will bomb without him

The Cheers News Agency

London, July 7 : Former 'Baywatch' star David Hasselhoff feels that the new Knight Rider TV series will turn out to be a failure because it does not star him."It's like having Indiana Jones without Indiana Jones," the Daily Express quoted him as saying. Hasselhoff played a brief cameo in the pilot episode of the US remake of his old show.The role depicted him as the father of the new driver of supercar KITT.However, since the producers are planning not to bring him back in the upcoming series, the 55-year-old says: "It's going to miss the target a little bit." (ANI)© 2007 ANI

Knight Rider car being auctioned on Ebay


The original KITT car from the eighties hit show Knight Rider is being sold on eBay, the internet auction site.

Several KITT cars were used to film Knight Rider

Knight Rider, the cult US show starred David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, a former policeman recruited by the Foundation of Law and Order (FLAG) to fight crime.His companion was the super-car KITT, described as "a 300mph, high tech, self aware communicative, man-made marvel" on eBay.The black 1984 Pontiac Trans Am with a distinctive red light bar in the nose, has so far attracted a top bid of $27,000 (£13,500).The KITT car, short for Knight Industries Two Thousand, in addition to extraordinary mechanical powers, it possesses an acerbic wit spoken with a nasal drawl.The car, used in the third and fourth series of the series, is famed for its Turbo Boost mode that allows it to leap and manoeuvre over obstacles and villains.The description on eBay states: "This is one of the original vehicles from the series introduced initially in the third season and then re-converted to simulate the "Super Pursuit Mode" variant of KITT that featured in the 4th season and was later used in the Knight Rider made for television movie (1984) and for exhibition and promotional purposes."One of KITT's many technologies, the "Super Pursuit Mode" was designed according to the show to give KITT a 40 per cent increase in speed through the assistance of retractable airfoils and jet boosters."Inside, a panel of lights and screens depicted a look at the future of automobile technology - a future that exists in some ways today."

Knight Rider roars back with 13m


 Knight Rider: returning to television screens after a 16-year break Jemima Kiss guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 19 February 2008 11.01 GMT NBC's Knight Rider remake looks likely to earn a full series commission, after the 1980s show returned to US TV on Sunday night with almost 13 million viewers.A two-hour Knight Rider TV movie special was watched by 12.7 million viewers, according to Nielsen preliminary ratings for Sunday.Newcomer Justin Bruening is now the star of the show, although cult favourite David Hasselhoff made a guest appearance as Michael Knight.The wise-cracking car, known as KITT, is now voiced by Val Kilmer and a black Ford Mustang has replaced the Pontiac Trans Am that featured in the original series.NBC will confirm its new commissions in May but the network is expected to order a full series of Knight Rider following Sunday's figures. The show is returning after a 16-year break.Knight Rider's comeback follows NBC's successful revival of American Gladiators, which attracted 7.3 million viewers for its series finale on Sunday night.American Gladiators has already earned a second series on NBC and the entertainment format is also being revived in the UK by Sky One.Also on Sunday night, CBS broadcast the first episode of serial killer drama Dexter, which has transferred from US cable network Showtime.Dexter was watched by 8.1 million viewers in the 10pm hour on CBS, finishing third among the major US networks in that slot. However, this was CBS's best Sunday 10pm figures since December.In its first series on Showtime, Dexter averaged 733,000 viewers. Showtime will broadcast the third series of Dexter later this year. 

KITT the car gets a kaboodle of upgrades in new 'Knight Rider'

USA Today

Actually a Pontiac Trans Am: David Hasselhoff, as Michael Knight, drove KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) in the 1980s series.

By Bill Keveney, USA TODAY
On NBC's Knight Rider, horsepower equals star power.

The talking car at the center of the 1980s action show returns in updated form in a two-hour movie (Sunday, 9 ET/PT) that could rev up a new Knight Rider series.



Twenty-six years after the original series, creating a new KITT — upgraded from Knight Industries Two Thousand to Three Thousand — posed a challenge: keeping ahead of computer-driven, GPS-directed auto technology. "What we said when we started this was, 'Everybody's got a talking car,' " executive producer David Bartis says.

But they don't have a car that can shift shape and color, as the current KITT can. "It can change shape slightly to increase its speed and handling," he says. "That's something we've read about as a technology that's not too far away."

The crime-fighting KITT still has an artificial intelligence, voiced by

Actually a new Ford Mustang: Justin Bruening stars as Mike Tracer in NBCs two-hour movie airing Sunday. This KITT sounds like Val Kilmer, who follows in the voiceprints of the originals William Daniels. Val Kilmer, that can hack computer systems and tell its driver, Mike Tracer (Justin Bruening, filling David Hasselhoff's seat), when he's heading the wrong way, Bartis says. "This car knows it's right, and we've got a guy driving the car who does things a little by the seat of his pants. So you'll see the car questioning him and challenging him." 

KITT will now be played by a Ford Mustang, replacing the original 1982 Pontiac Trans Am. The movie features the iconic Mustang, showcasing a muscular, limited-edition Shelby GT500KR (KR stands for King of the Road, not Knight Rider), as part of a marketing and production partnership with Ford. NBC has been one of the most aggressive networks in placing sponsors' products in its shows.

Kilmer, who drove the Batmobile in the 1995 film Batman Forever, just replaced Will Arnett (Arrested Development), who gave up the role because of his long relationship doing voice work for GM. William Daniels voiced the sharp-tongued KITT in the series.

"Val's voice is incredibly rich and expressive, and he also gets the comedy of it," Bartis says.

In the movie, KITT creator Charles Graiman's daughter, Sarah (Deanna Russo), joins forces with ex-Army Ranger Tracer and an FBI agent (Sydney Tamiia Poitier) to search for her father (Bruce Davison) and find out who's trying to get their hands on KITT. Hasselhoff also appears and could occasionally return if the film leads to a series.

The movie tries to retain the lighter, action-drama tone of the original, while grounding it more in reality, going home with the characters and putting them in real jeopardy, Bartis says. To that end, the new KITT drops a few bells and whistles, including its turbo boost.

Bartis acknowledges that some fans of the original may object to changes, a phenomenon experienced by new versions of Battlestar Galactica, Bionic Woman and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

"We wanted to find the balance between how much to keep of the original and how much to reinvent it," he says. "For the most part, we found a really good balance."


First Look At David Hasselhoff In New Knight Rider


Knight Rider - David HasselhoffKnight Rider - Deanna Russo as Sarah GraimanKnight Rider -- Justin Bruening as Mike Tracer

Knight Rider: Justin Bruening and Deanna RussoKnight Rider - Justin Bruening and Sarah GraimanKnight Rider - Bruce Davison and Sidney Poitier

Some new promo stills for the Knight Rider TV movie have come out, and... they're super boring. They show Justin Bruening, the show's new driving wheel, and some other characters in suits, possibly funeral wear. And you glimpse David Hasselhoff, looking way less bright-eyed and bushy-haired, in his cameo. Also, there's a new synopsis.

The new KITT is the "ultimate car," with a super-weapons system and the ability to change shape and color. Some evil guys want to get their hands on this awesome ride, and they try to kidnap Sarah Graiman, the daughter of KITT's inventor Charles Graiman. Sarah enlists the aid of Mike Tracer (Bruening) to find out who's trying to steal KITT and to track down her missing dad. Also joining them is an FBI agent played by Sydney Poitier (Veronica Mars). [Daemon's TV] 

The Hoff and the New 'Knight Rider'

Entertainment Tonight

The Hoff and the New 'Knight Rider'
Copyright 2008 Sleuthphoto / Chris Haston / NBC

Justin Bruening takes over as the 'Knight Rider" -- with some advice from David Hasselhoff.

JUSTIN BRUENING got a chance to meet THE HOFF on the first day of shooting for the new "Knight Rider" TV movie, airing Sunday, Feb. 17 at 9 p.m., on NBC, because the original Michael Knight (DAVID HASSELHOFF) has a role in the movie."I was nervous about continuing this franchise. It is pretty big shoes to fill," says Bruening, who plays Mike Tracer, the new "Knight Rider." "He started giving me advice. He was one of the first people to mention that the key to the show is the relationship between a man and his car and how they become best friends."As for Hasselhoff's contributions to the 2008 TV movie, executive producer DAVID BARTIS tells ET that there was never any question that the original "Knight Rider" would be a part of it."He had this inherent understanding of what made it work and what the fans responded to. For us that was a tremendous asset to tap into. He definitely had a role in helping us conceive what [the series] might be, as well as being in it. I think everyone will be excited to see how we work him into the show as Michael Knight," Bartis says.Interestingly, there are several parallels between Hasselhoff and Bruening. Both were about the same age when they landed the "Knight Rider" role, both were former soap stars -- Hasselhoff was from "The Young and the Restless;" Bruening from "All My Children" -- and they both met their wives [for Hasselhoff it was his first wife] on their soaps."His ex-wife remarried a man whose name is Michael Knight, who played my father on 'All My Children,'" Bruening says, adding to the quirks of fate.But that is where the coincidences stop. There is no "Baywatch" in Bruening's future."I am not too fond of Speedos," he admits.

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