Knight Rider car being auctioned on Ebay

The original KITT car from the eighties hit show Knight Rider is being sold on eBay, the internet auction site.

Several KITT cars were used to film Knight Rider

Knight Rider, the cult US show starred David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, a former policeman recruited by the Foundation of Law and Order (FLAG) to fight crime.His companion was the super-car KITT, described as "a 300mph, high tech, self aware communicative, man-made marvel" on eBay.The black 1984 Pontiac Trans Am with a distinctive red light bar in the nose, has so far attracted a top bid of $27,000 (£13,500).The KITT car, short for Knight Industries Two Thousand, in addition to extraordinary mechanical powers, it possesses an acerbic wit spoken with a nasal drawl.The car, used in the third and fourth series of the series, is famed for its Turbo Boost mode that allows it to leap and manoeuvre over obstacles and villains.The description on eBay states: "This is one of the original vehicles from the series introduced initially in the third season and then re-converted to simulate the "Super Pursuit Mode" variant of KITT that featured in the 4th season and was later used in the Knight Rider made for television movie (1984) and for exhibition and promotional purposes."One of KITT's many technologies, the "Super Pursuit Mode" was designed according to the show to give KITT a 40 per cent increase in speed through the assistance of retractable airfoils and jet boosters."Inside, a panel of lights and screens depicted a look at the future of automobile technology - a future that exists in some ways today."