First Look At David Hasselhoff In New Knight Rider


Knight Rider - David HasselhoffKnight Rider - Deanna Russo as Sarah GraimanKnight Rider -- Justin Bruening as Mike Tracer

Knight Rider: Justin Bruening and Deanna RussoKnight Rider - Justin Bruening and Sarah GraimanKnight Rider - Bruce Davison and Sidney Poitier

Some new promo stills for the Knight Rider TV movie have come out, and... they're super boring. They show Justin Bruening, the show's new driving wheel, and some other characters in suits, possibly funeral wear. And you glimpse David Hasselhoff, looking way less bright-eyed and bushy-haired, in his cameo. Also, there's a new synopsis.

The new KITT is the "ultimate car," with a super-weapons system and the ability to change shape and color. Some evil guys want to get their hands on this awesome ride, and they try to kidnap Sarah Graiman, the daughter of KITT's inventor Charles Graiman. Sarah enlists the aid of Mike Tracer (Bruening) to find out who's trying to steal KITT and to track down her missing dad. Also joining them is an FBI agent played by Sydney Poitier (Veronica Mars). [Daemon's TV]