David Hasselhoff Guest Edits the Nottingham Post

David at Nottingham Post: Photographer Angela WardCelebrity royalty David Hasselhoff took time out from his hectic theatre schedule to guest edit the Nottingham Post today.Arriving by chauffeur-driven car outside City Gate East on Thursday afternoon, The Hoff came in and gave us his opinion on the paper and all things Nottingham.He said he loves Nottingham because he can walk around freely."The city is like a pot pourri," he said. "Everyone is just getting along."And Su Pollard, he told us, embodies the spirit of Nottingham herself."She is always on - always positive," he said.We told him where the big parties are on New Year's Eve, and he said he might go down to Old Market Square.Hasselhoff also sampled the local speciality - Stilton - and said he loved it.

The Hoff is working up the boos and hisses as panto villain Captain Hook at the Theatre Royal. So, “how is he enjoying Nottingham?” he was asked at the morning conference.“Nottingham is like a pot pourri. You can see a posh professor walking down the street next to some hippy guy with hair growing in all weird places and tattoos all over him... and everyone is getting along.“It’s everything I thought it would be and more. People are lovely. They kind of leave me alone. In Manchester they were aggressive. I couldn’t go anywhere.“It helps that it’s dark here all day long. That works in my favour. What time is it? Two o’clock? It’s dark outside! That’s nuts!”So what about some special excursions?“Hayley [Roberts, his Welsh girlfriend] and Nick [Corjon, his PA and nephew] have been out scouting the city. I’m waiting for my daughters to get here on the 21st and I’ll take them to the hot spots.“We’ll go the caves. I learned that Nottingham was the last place in the country that still had cave dwellers. And I think I’ve met many of them! And we’re going to the Castle.”

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David at Nottingham Post 

Source: Nottingham Post, Twitter