David Hasselhoff at New College Nottingham

David visited students at New College Nottingham on Friday.

David at New College Nottingham

“NCN presents The Hoff” said the cinema-style backdrop in Screen 1 as the star grabbed a microphone and launched the college’s week-long Jamcon creative careers week by reflecting on his own career and giving 300 TV, film and media students some tips for the future.It helps if you’re lucky, he told them. “But remember that luck is being prepared for opportunity whenever it presents itself.”Before giving his off-the-cuff talk to students, The Hoff set out his plans for the immediate future.Next week he flies to Sweden to record Hoff Half Hour, a talk show that will be screened on Sky. Other upcoming projects include the film Killing Hasselhoff – a comedy in which a hitman is hired to bump him off – and the Discovery Channel documentary Shark Week.There is also talk of reinventing the character The Hoff as a superhero, whose special powers will include slow-motion sight and the ability to travel back in time.During his talk, the cult performer reflected on a career that has embraced TV smashes Knight Rider and Baywatch, documentaries, film roles and success on the concert stage and recording studios.“Life is about overcoming your fears,” he told the students. “Life is not fair, and I’m still learning that, but if you don’t feel sorry for yourself and move forward, it’s OK.”Asked about the best piece of advice he had ever received, The Hoff replied: “Never give up!”“He was really motivating and made me feel I can achieve anything,” said Sandra Tkacz [correct] , 19, of Aspley. “You can be tempted to give up on a dream but today I felt: ‘Why not?’”Ashley Carter, 16, of Arnold, added: “The Hoff is an inspiration to young people and shows them that they can do anything if they put their minds to it.”

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