Knight Rider Festival: One Month Away

 The Knight Rider Festival is one month away now, so if you're still thinking about going, perhaps reading about the festival or looking at videos from last year can sway your mind. The special Knight Rider rated rooms at the Golden Nugget are sold out now, but there are still other hotels you can book at.Last year the question I heard the most from fans was, "Where's David Hasselhoff?" He was obviously missed last year, so he has the fans that want to see him there, and we hope to see him there this year.Guests included Justin Bruening from the '08 Knight Rider, who attended the festival along with both normal KITT and attack KITT from the show. Rebecca Holden and Catherine Hickland from the original series were also there. Glen Larson also made an appearance at the VIP party, where fan videos played on the monitors. If not to come for the celebrities, come for the replicas. They are amazing, and the one I rode in had actual working buttons.Even the news was there.

You never know, David might show up this year..