Knight Rider Festival Recap & Photos!

Video from the Festival:

This year, David appeared at the Knight Rider Festival -- the first Knight Rider-related event since the end of the show. He couldn't have been more gracious. He threw autographed photos into the crowd, walked around and signed the dashes of KITT replicas, and took photos with some lucky fans. All for a good cause, to help the Children's Miracle Network.

Whilst the Festival itself felt scaled back, it was just as fun as last year if not more. It's nice to hang out with friends you only get to see online, and without them this festival wouldn't have been near as fun. The Celebrity Autograph session went real well. Michael Scheffe (KITT Designer) is really nice. He went to sign my little KITT car and thought it was the funniest thing, and asked where I got it. Catherine just stood up and hugged me after she autographed the KITT car, that was a nice surprise. And George Barris autographed an extra picture with him and David standing next to KITT and gave it out to the fans for free, even though there was a $10 per item charge.The cars are all amazing, and every year I'm still blown away with the time and dedication the owners put into their replicas. This year, a KI3T replica made it's way onto Fremont Street, representing the Knight Rider '08 series since the original cars didn't come this year.

 DeceptiKARR had some modifications from last year, with the wide tires and attack mode body. The interior is also amazing, it's like really sitting inside KARR. I wanted to direct him to a chicken. Craig, the owner, is real nice and awesome. He lets people sit in his KARR and take pictures. Did I mention how cool those doors look?It's really cool having all those KITTs in one place. Especially driving down the strip, riding in a KITT, following a KITT, and being followed by a KITT. How cool is that? Everytime I go to the Knight Rider Festival, I want a KITT replica that much more! All the owners have done really great jobs on their replicas.One of the replica owners, Alex, allowed me to drive his KITT replica -- even though it was only down half an aisle in the parking garage and back -- that was enough. I was smiling the whole time and just couldn't believe I was driving KITT. I can't thank Alex enough for letting me do that. His replica has a button for almost everything. Remote start, windows, his garage door opener.. it's really quite amusing.meinkitt31Catherine Hickland is one of the nicest people I've met, and really has a beautiful voice. She sang the National Anthem and it wasn't over-the-top or anything. It was gentle and lovely. What would've been really awesome if her and David did a duet at the Festival.. say, Let It Be Me?Seeing David in person for the first time was just surreal. You'd think after having a fansite for 13 years I'd at least see the guy in person, or met him already.. but alas, hasn't been in the cards until now. Like I said earlier, he is so nice and gracious, especially to his fans. He was looking every which way walking around signing the cars, but somehow heard my mousey voice say, "Hi David." He looked at me and said, "Hi." I couldn't believe it, but it made my day. Even if I didn't get a picture with him, or even a chance to really talk to him, that was enough. I went home happy. The VIP party didn't seem as crowded this year, which was good. It seemed like there were too many people up there last year. Was able to squeeze myself between the pillars to get a front-row seat watching David film his reality show. A friend of mine, Kim from KRO was standing next to me and said, "Why aren't you taking any pictures?" It was funny, I was just in awe of the Hoff that I just wanted to soak it in and I forgot to take pictures until she said something. Joe B ended up sitting in a chair right next to me, he is so nice and quiet. I watched him on The Hoff: When Scott Came to Stay, and he is exactly like that in person. He is just an awesome person all around. Chatted a bit more with Catherine Hickland, she's so nice and down-to-earth. I love her.Most of the fans got together for a dinner right before the Cruise with KITT down the strip. That was a nice time to just sit and talk to people, and Jup from KRO let us watch the opening ceremonies on his laptop. We all met up in the garage where all the KITT replicas were parked to get ready to go down to the Vegas sign. There were some funny photos taken with Alex's KITT, and a whole group shot. I hitched a ride in the '08 KITT replica, which is really nice. The backseat is surprisingly comfortable and enjoyed the ride down. I got a ride back in an 80s KITT replica. We chatted and hung out in the garage for a bit, and AJ came around. Looked at his KIFT original. That, my friends, is an unrestored screen-used shell. It had been weathered from sitting out for 20 years, but it was pretty cool.The crew from Knight Rider Online I only wish we all lived in the same area so we could all hang out. Neil, Mike and Sue are awesome. I've known Neil for around 10 years, and I look forward to seeing them each year in Vegas.Let's not forget my other friends from KRO: Jup, Gus, Steve, Kim, Nick (Author of the KR Companion), Slade and Jen. It was great hanging out with them, can't wait for next year.Last, but not least, I finally got to meet some Hoffspace buddies. This including Natalie, Les, Hayley, Marina, and Steve. Hayley has the best accent ever, only because I love english accents. Only wish I could've spent more time talking with her. Marina is a doll, love her face. She was so excited about the lunch with David she was talking a mile-a-minute at the VIP party, she's so funny. Natalie, Les and I sat around at the VIP party and just chatted, good times had. Natalie had the bright idea of not wearing heels. Didn't talk to Steve much, but it was still nice seeing him.I think that pretty much sums up the festival, though it was funny seeing Paul Casey ride in on a horse.