David and Taylor Talk about the "Untitled David Hasselhoff Project"

From The Insider

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theinsiderDavid Hasselhoff finally revealed what ruffles his feathers while in New York to promote "The Untitled David Hasselhoff Project," an upcomingA&E reality show documenting his family."We have a bird named Peaches," he said. "Peaches is like the star of the show because it won't shut up."Daughter Taylor-Ann explained the premise: "It basically just shows the dynamic between me, my dad, and my sister. No one has really ever seen that before. They hear bad press, good press. Finally we get to show people who we really are." David hopes the show will counterbalance "this worldwide image that we have" because "when we close the doors, we're just like every other family."When "The Insider" broke the news to the former "Baywatch" star that Pamela Anderson was voted off "Dancing with the Stars," he and his daughter joined in unison for an "Oh no." The Hoff revealed that he had been invited to compete in the ballroom, but turned down the offer because 'I don't really want to go up against Pamela." He hinted that "I might do the next one."