Hasselhoff Shooting a Musical Number for A&E Series

Thanks to Knight Rider Online

 As we heard from some people over Twitter, David was downtown today filming a music video for his upcoming A&E reality show. According to Knight Rider Online, the production crew contacted Paul Casey for some KITT replicas. Paul Casey brought out his baby daughter's KITT from Vegas for the shoot, along with some other replicas from our friends, the Knights of the West Coast. Gary Hunter, Alex Wong and Jennifer Catano also provided KITTs for filming.Members from Knight Rider Online will be posting an eyewitness report soon, stay tuned!Update: Michael Pajaro from KRO just posted a recap of what he saw today at the filming. More behind the cut!

Michael Knight and KITT were reunited on the streets of L.A. today - David Hasselhoff was downtown filming a video for his new reality series coming to A&E. I think this will become either the opening credits for the new show or be a promotional video.The day started with a rehearsal in a very hot parking lot in Chinatown. It was a little surreal; there were about 30 Baywatch lifeguards wandering around along with a German Brass Band with matching Bavarian girls, a bunch of women wearing Don't Hassle the Hoff shirts and probably a dozen Hasselhoff lookalikes. There were 4 KITTs there, provided by Paul Casey and Knights of the West Coast.The concept of the video is that the Hoff drives up in a KITT, steps out, and gets swarmed by fans representing all the aspects of his career. Everyone breaks into dance to a medley of the Hoff's songs: Hooked on a Feeling (Ooga Chaka), Turn The Radio Up (by his daughter) and Jump Into My Car. They did a few run-throughs with just the dancers, then the Hoff showed up around 4:00 for a few rehearsals. Hasselhoff was always the showman, psyching up the dancers/extras with his typical "let's hear it for the Hoff!" bravado.They then moved the production to Pershing Square in downtown L.A. where it was more run-through after run-through. They cut back to using only 3 KITTs instead of four, but they looked good driving down Hill Street. And seeing the Hoff flanked by his daughters and all of the other dancers... it really felt like a fun celebration of the Hoff.We've been asked not to post video of the production, but we can share a few stills from the day. Look for the finished production soon on A&E.I really want to thank Paul Casey for inviting us to be a part of the event and to be able to share (what we can) with everyone.Oh and we're not done with news from Paul Casey and the Hoff for the week... More to come.

    Some others grabbed some pictures of David as they were shooting today.. check them out.• David Hasselhoff Video Rehearsal - Tyler Miller• SHEDcrew's Photo• David Hasselhoff Flash MobNick Nugent was also there with the Knights of the West Coast and took tons of photos!Hoff in LA

Photo Courtesy Nick NugentPhoto Courtesy Nick Nugent*Please don't take photos without asking, if you take them, please at least give credit to the people who took them, thank you.