Win a Hoff T-Shirt from DavidNet!

466398294v1_350x350_front_color-blackDavidNet is sponsoring a t-shirt giveaway!A few weeks ago, Cafepress and ABC launched a new partnership where Cafepress will handle all of ABC's online merchandise store for t-shirts, DVDs, coffee mugs, etc. In commemoration for this event together with the premiere of Dancing with the Stars on Monday on ABC, we are giving away a t-shirt from the Official Dancing with the Stars Store.Here's what you have to do to win: Either e-mail me, post in the comments below, or twitter me @davidnet with the hashtag: #hoffshirt and create a new Hoff inspired phrase. For example, "Have a hot cup of Hoffee," or "Do the Hustlehoff."You can play for the Hoff shirt, or pick a different shirt from the Official Dancing with the Stars Store. I look forward to seeing some interesting Hoff phrases!