Sometimes it's OK to Hassle the Hoff: David Meets and Greets His Adoring Public

From Mail Online

 David Hasselhoff may well be a mega-successful, multi-millionaire superstar but he still hasn't forgotten the little people.The 58-year-old took some time out from his busy schedule yesterday to meet and greet some of his adoring public in Venice Beach, California.Hasselhoff was working a photo shoot in the eclectic neighbourhood when he was approached by some older female fans.The Hoff graciously posed for photos with the two ladies who appeared to be tourists enjoying a day at the beach and thrilled to meet  real bona fide star in the flesh.A very tan Hoff smiled for the cameras with his arms around the ladies.The actor turned singer's hair was perfectly coiffed and he was wearing a pair of dark jeans and a white sweatshirt unzipped far enough to expose his tan, hairy chest.Later as Hasselhoff sat in his car, battling the LA beach traffic he was apprehended by  short, squat speedo lad man wearing a bone head dress around his long curly hair.The bizarre man was also wearing some grey fingerless weight lifter's gloves and carrying a very ornate, shell and jewel embossed totem pole style stick.Only in Los Angeles: The Hoff took it in his stride when he was apprehended by a muscular, speedo wearing man wielding a large shell covered totem stickThe Hoff took it all in his stride though, talking to the man out of his car window and even going so far as to hand him a business card before driving way.In the meantime, Hasselhoff should be making the most of the beautiful, warm LA sunshine whilst he can.It was announced last month that he will soon be uprooting and moving to London for a couple of months over Christmas.The Hoff is set to star as Captain Hook in the New Wimbledon Theatre production of the pantomime Peter Pan from December through January 2011.Call me: The Hoff not only graciously talked to the man whilst he sat waiting in traffic, he gave him a business card before he drove away