The Hasselhoffs New York Press Tour


There'll be a whirlwind of television and web appearances for the Hasselhoff family this week in anticipation of their new reality series coming out on A&E this Sunday. David posted a slew of upcoming appearances for us today on Hoffspace. I've included links to the shows' websites, tickets (if they have an audience) and show times. If you check out the show times, be sure to change the location on the top right to your city.Wednesday7:30 AM - Good Morning America:  Tickets | Show times9:00 AM - ABC Radio Hour11:30 AM - The View: Tickets | Show times (Live: 11-Noon EST)12:30 PM - AOL Pop Eater1:15 PM - Associated Press Interview3:00 PM - Extra: Show times (Check local listings)6:30 PM - Huffington PostThursday7:50 AM - Fox And Friends: Show times (Starts 6 a.m. EST)8:40 AM - CNN American Morning: Show times (Starts 6 a.m. EST)4:30 PM - CNN Showbiz Tonight: Show times (airs Live 5 p.m. EST // 11 p.m. EST)5:00 PM - Joy Behar show: Show times (airs 9 p.m. EST)5:30 PM - CNN Headline NewsFriday8:00 AM - MTV Radio10:30 AM - Access Hollywood: Show times (Check local listings)

Taylor and Hayley Hasselhoff:Friday: Rachael Ray Show: Show times (Check local listings)