Australia & NZ Welcome David Hasselhoff

Next week, David will be visiting Sydney, Australia for a promotional visit. NZ Herald News says David will also be making a few stops in New Zealand. He will make a "grand appearance" at a popular Tauranga beach, along with Mount Maunganui's Main Beach. According to The Bay of Plenty Times, the Mount Maunganui Surf Life Saving Club will be hosting an event for David promoting Streets Ice Cream, which is launching a new range of ice blocks called Splice Real Fruits.The Herald Sun says David will make an appearance at Bondi beach on Monday afternoon - in addition to a VIP event on Tuesday - where he'll be at the Streets Ice Cream event. The Herald Sun is also asking for fans to post questions to David in their comments section for when they interview him next week. No need to register, they just require name and email. If you don't want to give them that information, feel free to post in the comments here or tweet me and I will post a comment on your behalf.Have happy New Year!