Croswell bringing Hasselhoff to Adrian

Hasselhoff-Friends has informed me after speaking with David's office that this is not true.

From The Daily Telegram

ADRIAN, Mich. -For a long time now, the Croswell’s annual soiree, which is both the kickoff to the theater’s summer season and a major fundraising event, had followed the same format of having an evening of entertainment staged by summer-show cast members and special guests. This year, the theater decided it wanted to change things up a bit.The result? A concert by long-time TV, film and musical-theater actor David Hasselhoff comprises this year’s event, which will be held the evening of June 6.Ticket prices have yet to be announced, but tickets will be on sale to Croswell members shortly and will go on sale to the general public April 2.Hasselhoff may be best known for a TV career that includes “The Young and the Restless,” the original “Knight Rider,” “Baywatch” and most recently serving as a judge with Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.” His years on TV, in fact, earned him a listing in the Guinness Book of World Records as “The Most Watched TV Star in the World.” But he has also made a name for himself on stage, performing on Broadway in “Jekyll and Hyde,” in the London production of “Chicago” and in “The Producers” in Las Vegas.He has also appeared in several movies and become a gold- and platinum-selling recording artist. Among his hit songs were “Looking for Freedom,” which he recorded in the late 1980s at the end of the Cold War. The album went triple platinum in Europe, and he sang the song from atop the Berlin Wall at the end of 1989 to the crowds celebrating the reunification of Germany. His latest single, “Jump in My Car,” hit the top of the European and United Kingdom charts, and the video of the song was downloaded more than 6 million times.Croswell Artistic Director Larry Stotz said that as the theater was planning this year’s soiree, a number of names were brought up as possible performers. The fact that Hasselhoff had recently been in “The Producers,” which is the Croswell summer season’s opening show, became an interesting hook, along with his other stage credentials. “He has the chops,” Stotz said.Discussions between the Croswell and Hasselhoff’s people ensued, it turned out that he was quite interested in the idea of performing at the soiree, and “it went from a casual conversation to ‘Really?’ ” Stotz said.“The stars were in alignment. … He’s looking forward to coming here, and we’re chomping at the bit,” he added. “That he would come to the Croswell is great.”Stotz said he thinks that Hasselhoff’s long and varied career means that he’ll be a draw for all ages — everyone from soap fans who remember the actor as Dr. Snapper Foster on “The Young and the Restless,” to fans of “Knight Rider” and “Baywatch” in the 1980s and 1990s, to those who watch “America’s Got Talent” today. Judy Katz, Hasselhoff’s manager, told The Daily Telegram that Hasselhoff is in the early stages of planning the concert so no details of the program are available yet. But Stotz is confident it will be an entertaining event. “I’m looking forward to an exciting evening,“ he said.