David Hasselhoff Trades Places With... David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff was in Lake Jackson, Texas for a few days last week trading places with a man that shares his name. The Texas Hasselhoff was in Los Angeles riding in David's car and living in his house. He is a power technician who said David's LA house was "awesome."CBS is producing this reality show called "The Same Name" about people who have the same names as celebrities and trading places with them. It's rumored to air next Summer. I wonder how David liked being a power technician for a few days?Hayley Munday found some video of David at Kicks in Texas.TMZ was able to get this video of Texas David Hasselhoff out in LA.David also blogged from a helicopter while he was in Houston for the reality show.I wasn't able to find any photos of David out in Texas, but apparently he was out signing autographs at a local mall. If you have any, please let us know by commenting, email or twitter and we'll put them up on the site with credit.