David Hasselhoff to Appear on Celebrity Tennis

David Hasselhoff will be profiled on this Sunday's Celebrity Tennis on the Tennis Channel at 7 p.m. EST.Celebrity Tennis features former tennis professional and actor Vince Van Patten as he takes viewers inside the life of a different celebrity who has a burning passion for tennis.Hasselhoff tells Van Patten that he started playing tennis with his dad as a small child and has remained a fervent fan and player throughout his life, although he describes his on-court style as that of a “Swatter… like Dr. Seuss on the court.”Near the end of their time together, the Celebrity Tennis host and television star play a quick, amusing game of “Either/Or.”  Hasselhoff admits that he prefers Roger Federer over Rafael Nadal in tennis’ current rivalry, Andre Agassi over Pete Sampras in its most recent rivalry and Jimmy Connors over Bjorn Borg in one of its most classic rivalries.  He also likes tennis more than ping pong, singing more than tennis and Knight Rider more than Baywatch.Previous celebrities to appear on Celebrity Tennis include Dr. Phil McGraw, Christie Brinkley, Gus Hanson and Brandy.