David to Appear at the Knight Rider Festival?

As posted at the Knight Rider Online message board by tigersharka:

Friends of Knight Rider, Fans and car owners here is the link to our event's charity, the Theme of Knight Rider as eloquently stated by original Michael Knight, David Hasselhoff.I met David and he personally told me he would be there for me and my daughter, a special needs child. I applaud David and all who support this cause.I hope you will participate and help those that need your help. Remember, Knight Rider Festival is for you, the stars of the event.I encourage all members of the website to participate. Yes, even if you can not attend Knight Rider Festival, you can contribute.I ask the moderators or administrators to take the lead and set the tone. Be a leader for your group. Represent all of your members. Ask they send in their donations and you present the funds directly to the Children's Miracle Network. Remember no funds are to be paid to Knight Rider Festival AND any amount will be gladly accept.When you make the presentation at the VIP party, you and your group will be the focus, the stars of the event. All of the celebrities, media, local and state officials will see that your group made a difference is a child's life and their family. I have told all of the celebrities how you are making a difference in a child's life. That motiviated them to come to your event, Knight Rider Festival.An amazing opportunity to follow the Theme of Knight Rider.I will personally recognize these efforts at the VIP party. Each VIP-celebritiy has graciously given their time because of the efforts of the fans to raise money for these special children and their families.Take a moment, and read this link. Hopefully, you can make a difference in someone's life...and even your own.Thank you. I look forward seeing you in Las Vegas for Knight Rider Festival.Paul CaseyProducer

If you are to attend, please help out the Children's Miracle Network. More information can be found at the Knight Rider Festival Charity page.