The Hoff: When Scott Came To Stay

LivingTV, and thanks to Hayls from Hoffspace for posting this.David and Scott

The Hoff: When Scott Came To Stay follows Radio One DJ Scott Mills as he flies out to L.A. to spend four manic days living the colourful life of legendary Baywatch and Knight Rider star, David Hasselhoff. It’s one thing meeting your idol, quite another actually living with them – and in their own home! Living in The Hoff’s own Bel Air mansion, will Scott still be in awe of the man he has admired for 27 years or will his idol leave him disappointed? Will they leave as friends or not able to stand the sight of each other after living together for the first time?The show gives viewers an access all areas pass to the wild world of The Hoff. From his extravagant £15m mansion, to Learjets and jet skis, as well as constant adoration from the public at every turn, the series sees Scott attempt to uncover the man behind the myth.The programme opens with Scott relaying his hopes to strip away The Hoff’s public persona and find out what truly makes the man tick. Clearly apprehensive, Scott ponders how he’ll cope with spending four days in such intimate, alien surroundings, made even more nerve wracking by the presence of his real life idol.Within minutes of landing in L.A. Scott’s worst fears seem to become a reality when The Hoff whisks him away from his Bel Air mansion for an exhausting, high speed jet ski ride. With David at the helm, performing a series of Baywatch-style stunts, the pace is immediately set for the rest of the trip.The Hoff: When Scott Came To Stay - April 6th at 9pm.