Hasselhoff at the 85th Anniversary of the California Mission Inn

*More photos and video at the end of this post.As we reported earlier, David was at the California Mission Inn today to celebrate their 85th Anniversary, which is also home to David's dad for the past 6 years. Michael Pajaro from Knight Rider Online was there today, and gave this report.

hoff-dad-standup.jpgThe event featured a Roaring 20's Celebration with people dressed in period costumes. Hasselhoff wanted to do something special for the event, and he asked his bodyguard (also named Joe) to see if they could hold a car show. Joe called Jen Catano from Knights of the West Coast, who had three days to put everything together. There were about 17 cars in all, including Jen's own KITT. There was Bumblee from Transformers, Herbie, a Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am, and many classic cars as well.jen-hoff-kitt.jpgThe mayor spoke briefly to the residents and community friends, and then Hasselhoff took the stage with his dad. They essentially did a 5-minute stand-up routine, with David asking his father questions about living at the Mission. It was very funny, and more importantly David really put the focus on his Dad.Hasselhoff then went out by KITT to sign autographs and pose for photos with residents and guests.Afterwards, David went outside by KITT to sign autographs. Jen's KITT won the "People's Choice" award at the car show, and Hoff's bodyguard won "Best In Show". Joe's car is behind KITT in this shot:

Jennifer Catano took photos from the event. Check them all out here.Jennifer's husband took video from the event. Watch it over at YouTube.

Source: Knight Rider Online