David Hasselhoff Gets Hurled Into the Air on ITV's Red or Black

The new series, which will run over seven nights on ITV1 later this year, has been described as Britain’s “biggest, noisiest and most expensive” TV show. Audience members will be asked to bet on the challenges, all of which will have a 50/50 outcome and they must stake their chance of winning £1 million on choosing ‘Red Or Black.’Britain’s Got Talent judge David Hasselhoff is seen being hurled 230 feet (70 metres) into the air as part of the game. To make matters worse for the former Baywatch actor, it’s X Factor judge Louis Walsh who is behind operating the detonators that catapult him into the air. The stunt is staged in front of Battersea Power Station.Each show will start in the arena, where every challenge has a 50/50 outcome; if the tiket holders can guess the outcome correctly they will be one step closer to becoming a millionaire.The lucky few who make it through the Arena will then be asked to join the Red or Black? experience at one of a number of locations around the country. Once again, all they need to do is guess the outcome in more incredible challenges of chance; there are only two answers – Red or Black?Six detonators were set up at Battersea Power Station, three black and three red, and players had to guess which color would send The Hoff into orbit.A source told The Sun, "David was petrified. Ant and Dec tried to calm him, but Louis wound him up. But afterwards, David was punching the air. He said, 'That was a great adrenaline rush.'"[gallery columns="2" orderby="title"]

Source: Daily Mail, Unreality TV