David Hasselhoff Shoots Down Eurovision Rumors

Late last week, several Netherlands-based media outlets and Eurovision Song Contest bloggers ran wild with a story that David Hasselhoff was considering competing at the Eurovision Song Contest next year, possibly representing the Netherlands as part of a duo with a Dutch singer.Eurovision’s own website even reported on the story Friday, Aug. 12.On social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, fans ran wild with speculation regarding the formerBaywatch star’s possible participation, but no one had bothered to ask the actor and big-in-Germany singer if he was actually planning to compete in an effort to represent The Netherlands.He’s not.“I think Eurovision is a fantastic platform for singers and songwriters to establish careers and make a name for themselves,” Hasselhoff told The Hollywood Reporter on Monday.

Hasselhoff made it clear that he would not be entering the Dutch pre-selection competition in an attempt to reach the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest.“There are some amazing talent(s) that come from this and wish them well but I would never enter this competition as it would be unfair,” he said, before adding that he would “be watching” the contest next year.Meanwhile, Hasselhoff’s daughters, Hayley and Taylor-Ann, are getting their feet wet in the music industry with a style more suited to nightclubs instead of American Idol-esque singing competitions.Last week, they debuted a video for their “Kiss Kiss Me Bang Bang” under the name Bella Vida. The single is set for an August 25th release date in England.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter