GQ: Interview with David Hasselhoff

GQ Magazine interviewed David Hasselhoff recently. Check out this interview. GQ: So Sons of Anarchy calls and asks you to play a porno bigwig. Your first reaction is...David Hasselhoff: I hit the hotel button "Adult Movies" and took it from there. Actually, I said, "A porno king? Awesome! I don't care how big the part is! If it's one line, give me this role!" I get to say "big cock" on TV. I couldn't wait. I literally dropped everything in London, changed my whole schedule, jumped on an airplane, and flew back to do the part.GQ: So does that mean in Sons of Anarchy we're going to see you in less than your signature Speedo? David Hasselhoff: I don't think you'll see me in my Speedo because I don't play the star of porn movies. I produce and sell the movies. I get involved with trying to take down another character played by Tom Arnold, who was, at one point, my boss. They've already talked about bringing me back; I hope that's true and I come back to continue the story of my relationship with Tom Arnold and the Sons of Anarchy gang.GQ: I saw your house on Same Name and I was wondering about that very lifelike David Hasselhoff sculpture you have. What is the story behind that?David Hasselhoff: It's from the SpongeBob movie. I played David Hasselhoff. It was an animated movie, and the only human in the movie was me. SpongeBob and Patrick go on an adventure and they end up in Santa Monica. They're trying to rescue the princess, and they see me running down the beach in slow motion. And they go, "Who are you?" And I say, "I'm David Hasselhoff!" and they say, "Do you have a boat?" And I say, "A boat? Hahahahaha. No, I don't have a boat. Jump on my back." So they jump on my back and I swim through the ocean, and they have a fight on my butt. So for that scene they built a 750-pound, 12-foot statue of me to tow through the ocean. It cost $100,000. They made it so incredibly lifelike. It's down to every little mole, every possible freckle.GQ: Does it ever freak you out?David Hasselhoff: It freaked me out because it was so lifelike, with teeth, when you touch it feels like real skin. It's soft, like your skin. So anyway, when I was done with the movie, I said, "That's ridiculously awesome. What are you gonna do with it?" They said, "Uh, I dunno. Nothing? You want it?" I said, "Uh, yeah. Okay." So I went back to my room and drew up a contract in 10 seconds, and I kept it. I've got it in my projection room. I don't know what to do with it. It's just sitting there, and it freaks the hell out of people. Eventually I'll probably make a table out of it and put it in a restaurant somewhere.GQ: How do you deal with the fact that a lot of people seem to love "the Hoff" ironically?David Hasselhoff: The key is the "a lot of people seem to love the Hoff" part, and that's all I need. I don't care why they love me, as long as they love me. I think people respect me because they feel like—I'm kind of like Christmas. I come back every year. You can't get rid of me. I just keep coming back.GQ: Is there a downside to it?David Hasselhoff: Well the Hoff sometimes keeps David Hasselhoff out of work. The Hoff is working all the time. Hasselhoff's having a hard time getting back on television as a serious actor.GQ: What are you, in all your various roles, the proudest of?David Hasselhoff: Being a father. I have a great relationship with my kids. We're very honest with each other and I'm very proud that we are absolutely, incredibly close. That to me is more important than anything. They're just kind, outgoing kids with a huge heart. I'm proud of the way they turned out, and I'm proud of our relationship. When I've needed someone to care for me, they've told me the truth. And if you're lucky in this business—in this world—if you have five people that will love you enough to tell you the truth, you could live a long, happy life and we are livin' large right now.GQ: And what role are you most embarrassed about?David Hasselhoff: Embarrassed about? The problem with me is that nothing embarrasses me. Everything I've done ends up working in my favor. Even when I make mistakes and people exploit my mistakes on television or on the Internet, and they use it to make fun of me, it's just kind of working in my favor at the end. It's really strange.You can catch 'Sons of Anarchy' with David Hasselhoff on FX in October.

Source: GQ Magazine / HoffArmy