David Hasselhoff at Knightcon 2011

KnightCon 2011 is an event celebrating the show Knight Rider, held yearly in the UK. Last year, 22 K.I.T.T. replicas made an appearance at the event. This year, Michael Knight himself, David Hasselhoff, appeared at the event. Check out these photos by Hayley Munday after the cut.The Yorkshire Evening Post was also there and interviewed David, click here to see the video.

The charismatic actor and sometime-singer was joined by a fleet of replica KITTs, as well as by two of his (human) co-stars from the hit 80s show that made him famous, Rebecca Holden, who played April the mechanic, and Peter Parros, who played RC3 in the show.Also on hand to chat to fans was the man who designed the iconic KITT, as well as Back to the Future’s equally memorable DeLorean time machine, Michael Scheffe.Speaking to the YEP, The Hoff said: “It’s fantastic. I was here about three years ago when I was selling a book called Making Waves and people were lined up all around the block. They all came wearing T-Shirts with ‘Hoffisms’ on them!“They are pretty cool, and they are rabid fans of the show. To be here with my friends from Knight Rider, [who] I haven’t seen in years, and to see 23 KITT cars is amazing. The cars show up everywhere I go!”He added the “heart, humour, fun and action” of the show was what made it endure 30 years after it first aired.“You know the car’s not the star, the show’s the star,” he said. “It’s about family values, and wanting to do the right thing, and how one man can make a difference.“I just got back from Zimbabwe and they didn’t call me David Hasselhoff there, they just called out ‘Knight Rider!’Ms Holden added it was “wonderful” to be in West Yorkshire to reminisce about “a show that has endured."The Hoff also made an impromptu marriage proposal to his girlfriend Hayley - who accompanied him to the event - from the bonnet of one of the KITT cars, but without success.As well as the Knight Rider team, KnightCon hosted one of the largest collections of replica iconic TV and movie cars ever seen in one place.