Win a David Hasselhoff signed copy of DanceStar Party

If you would like to win this david hasselhoff signed copy of DanceStar Party, Then make sure to head to this thread at 15\3\12 (Thursday) at 18:00 for a quiz.

So in the meantime use this time to do some quick research on all things DanceStar, PlayStation and even the Hoff related to give yourself a possible edge to the quiz.If you haven't taken part in one of the moderator's marvellous quizzes in the Pub Night event on the Store board, then allow me to remind you of the simple rules of how to participate.How to participate

  • Make sure you open this thread up on 15\3\12 (Thursday) at 18:00.
  • Get ready with the F5 key (refresh button) and await the questions as the moderator posts them.
  • The moderator will post the next question once I get a correct answer for the current question.
  • The user who posts the correct answer first wins the point!

At the end of the quiz (which will be 10 questions), the person with the most points will win the lovely prize!In case of a tie, the moderator will ask one more bonus question.