On the Set of Piranha 3DD

One of the bigger selling points of the sequel to the 2010 gore-fest that wasPiranha is the arrival of David Hasselhoff, an item that was not included with the "first" film (or second remake, technically). The promotions for Piranha 3DDhaven't been shy in reminding us that The Hoff Is coming along for the ride this time around, and that includes this latest promotional video.This featurette comes courtesy of iTunes and features David Hasselhoff giving us an eye-opening view of his trailer and mindset into being what he describes as a "semi-washed-up TV star/famous icon." This apparently involves creepy eye-less masks and merchandising. It should be noted, however, that in addition to giving us a look at Hoff's role in the film, there's something potentially spoilery toward the end of the video, so watch on with that in mind!Gotta love a Hoff with a sense of humor, right?The slow-mo run and keyboard playing in the bedroom are moments we've seen previously, so while they're moderate spoilers, especially when you consider how great it'll likely be to see Hoff let loose his dormant life-guard during what could be a crucial point in during the mayhem, as all of those young water-park swimmers are being devoured by fish, what might be the bigger spoiler comes toward the end.Hasselhoff points out that he gets to sing during the end credits. That in itself is a reasonably sized spoiler. And we get to see him running on the beach singing about being a fish hunter, which seems like a modified version of the "Love Hunter" song he's singing during the keyboard scene. So does this mean Hoff's the hero of Piranha 3DD? Or at the very least, that he survives at the end? Seems like a reasonable bit of speculation, at the very least.We'll have to wait and see how things turn out for Hoff and the rest of the characters when Piranha 3DD arrives in theaters June 1.

Source: Cinema Blend