Trust Us With Your Life with David Hasselhoff Pulled Off Schedule

Update: ABC has pulled tonight's episode due to ratings and competing Olympics coverage. This is the statement from their Facebook page:

I bring unfortunate tidings. ABC has pulled the last two episodes of "Trust Us With Your Life" from the schedule due to ratings and also due to competing for ratings with the summer Olympics. It is unknown at this time if the last two episodes will air at a later time.I would like to clarify something. "Trust Us With Your Life" has NOT been officially cancelled as of right now. The last two episodes were pulled from the schedule due to competing with ratings for the Olympics. The last two episodes may (or may not) be scheduled at a later time. If you would love to at least see the final two episodes of the season, feel free to write to ABC directly (in other words, not on here) and vocalize this. Thanks, all.

From the creators of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and “Mock the Week,” “Trust Us with Your Life” is the new studio based improvisation series that redefines both the chat show and television improv formats. Hosted by Fred Willard (“Best in Show,” “Modern Family”), the exciting new format finds celebrities reminiscing about key episodes that have happened in their lives, then brilliant improvisers acting out those moments which the celebrities has just described. David Hasselhoff will be the special guest on “Trust Us with Your Life,” Tuesday, July 31 (9:30-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.Read on to see clips from this episode... Check out this special sneak peak video!