My Edinburgh: David Hasselhoff, Actor

David writes to the Independent about the Edinburgh festival:
My last experience in Edinburgh was when I did the Scott Mills Show at midnight. It was really awesome. I got so much love from the Scottish people. They were saying "We love "Britain's Got Talent" and "We love Knight Rider" and "We love Baywatch". Just wonderful.
There are so many shows going on in Edinburgh. It reminds me of The Renaissance Fair that happens every year in Topanga Canyon. It was there that my girlfriend found a David Hasselhoff look-a-like walking down the street, advertising his show by saying "I'm the third best David Hasselhoff impersonator in town". It was that that gave me the idea – hey, if he can do David Hasselhoff, why can't I do David Hasselhoff?My show starts at 6pm and I think, when people have the right level of ale in their system, it will be a really exciting show. We're going to do everything from Scottish anthems like "(I'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles" to "Rock'*'Roll" to "Jump in My Car" to Baywatch to Knight Rider.I feel so much better being on stage performing than being on Britain's Got Talent judging people. Some people are born to play football, some people are born to play guitar but my strength is to entertain people. I love people.Anything goes here, from musicals to mandolins to people dancing in the streets to medieval shows, to heartwarming shows to crazy David Hasselhoff doing a tribute to his life on Broadway.David Hasselhoff's Must-See EventsI've missed Amnesty International's "Stand Up for Freedom" already this year so I want to go to the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo at the top of the hill – with all the fireworks, pipers, drummers, singers and dancers.
David Hasselhoff Live, Pleasance Courtyard (0131 556 6550) to 26 August
Source: The Independent