David Hasselhoff in Mar del Plata for Commercial

via Google Translate from Apertura:Savaglio agency, responsible for managing the provincial government advertising, also led to the actor famous for his role in Knight Rider, the happy, which was photographed by cameras with Esteban Sapir, director, and others commercial participants.And while it had emerged that would be part of the 27th Festival de Cine de Mar del Plata, the organizers of the event assured this newspaper that is not yet confirmed their participation. Moreover, their presence in the event is greener than many can imagine.Through his Twitter account, the famous actor published his feelings. "People here are very nice! Doing a commercial at Mar Del Plata at the beach," tweeted and later sent a photograph of himself and his colleagues lifesaver. "Hanging with the lifeguards at Mar Del Plata! Beautiful day!" He said through the 140 characters, something like "spending time with the Coast Guard in Mar del Plata. Beautiful day."