David Hasselhoff Interview on Nova FM

David gets Hoff the charts in this interview with Nova FM in Australia.. talking about his tour starting next week, his daughter's band "Bella Vida" changing their name to "Electric Stiletto" and if you win the "Hoff Off" you could end up hanging with the Hoff after the show.Wippa said see ya later to his No Direction bandmates in favour of a solo career. First stop... a performance with The Hoff.

All week Wippa had been talking up the massive international artist that he'd be performing with. He kept saying he'd outgrown No Direction and a massive star wanted to work with him.Today he revealed it was David Hasselhoff and together they'll be on stage at Hi Fi Bar next Friday (15 February). Tickets are available from www.moshtix.com.au.What that will actually involve we're still to find out but Wippa's excited.Listen to the interview here.