The First Hoff Mania in Gmunden, Austria

Standing tickets are now on sale!Movie star, soap star and music star David Hasselhoff is coming to Gmunden on Lake Traunsee in July for a series of concerts. As a special highlight, there will be a big concert on the town square. David will be there on July 20th with his band to rock the town square and give all of his hits for BEST. Not only that, David will also be there Thursday, 18 July in the city theater for an exclusive presentation. One thing is guaranteed: For only 500 visitors, there will be an unforgettable experience in Gmunden City Theatre."100 to 250 euros for a seat, 80 euros for standing room - which is of course an exclusive framework where not everyone goes. But to see a Hollywood star closer is not possible. Even up in the gallery, you sit no more than 25 feet away from him," says Florian Werner, the show's organizer."Looking For Freedom", "Limbo Dance", "Crazy For You" or "Hooked On A Feeling" are some of the songs to be heard at the concert.KITT will also be seen at the event. "He is an icon for young and old, and he is - what you should not forget. The most-watched series star in the world," says Werner.

Source: Nachtrichten, Floro, Facebook