David Hasselhoff and Wippa Perform Together

About a week and a half ago, we told you about Wippa performing with David Hasselhoff on February 15 at the Hi Fi bar.That artist was Knight Rider and Baywatch legend David Hasselhoff who invited Wippa to be part of his big closing song at 'An Evening With The Hoff' at Hi Fi on 15 February 2013.Wippa was prepared for The Hoff's classic 'Jump In My Car' but it turned out that Hasselhoff was finishing his Australian shows with a cover of "Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again?" by old Aussie band The Angels.Wippa, dressed in a Hoff-inspired black leather jacket and no shirt, had one line... the infamous 'No way, get f***ed, f*** off'. Nova muted out the f-words in the video above but you get the idea.

Source: Nova FM