Gumball 3000 Comes to Europe with David Hasselhoff

 This year marks the 15th anniversary of the Gumball 3000 Rally and it is now time to find out where and when the 100 participants will hoon their rides.Last year the rally took place on US soil where it originated, but 2013 brings the party-cipants to Europe. As usual, a lot of celebrities will attend the event, with the list ranging from skateboard icon Tony Hawk to Baywatch star David Hasselhoff. By the way, none of the aforementioned VIPs are new to the Gumball.This year they are proud to welcome him back on their 15th Anniversary Rally, with a route perfectly suited to the Hoff, the fans are set to go crazy when he rolls into all the countries along the way.Here is the 2013 Gumball Rally Schedule:

  • 18th & 19th May – Copenhagen
  • That night we stay on a boat over night travelling to Finland.
  • Arrive 20th – Helsinki ( TOP SECRET CHECKPOINT)
  • 20th – St Petersburg
  • 21st – Checkpoint – Tallin
  • 21st – Riga
  • 22nd – Checkpoint – Vilnius
  • 22nd – Warsaw
  • 23rd – Checkpoint – Krakow
  • 23rd – Vienna
  • 24th, 25th ad 26th – Monaco F1 Weekend. Parties… Races… Yacht’s
Source: AutoEvolution, Gumball 3000