David Hasselhoff at London Film and Comic Con

My family and I met David Hasselhoff on saturday at London Film and Comic Con. He was very friendly and spent time talking with my son Ethan, telling him that he knows Sponge Bob and K.I.T.T. Is his best friend, Ethan loved it. Ethan hasn't been well lately, he has type1 diabetes and has just been diagnosed with I.T.P. As well. He has to go to the hospital twice a week so they can keep an eye on his blood levels. After his visit to the hospital yesterday they told us his blood levels were at a save level. I think this is largely due to the great day he had on saturday and meeting The Hoff, whom he is a big fan of, as is the whole family  If you have contact with David please could you pass on my deepest thanks to him.

David was at the London Film and Comic Con last weekend, so check out these pictures and videos from the event.Pictures: